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Mama, your dreams matter and it's time to make them happen.

Your dreams have been given to you for a reason. They're the roadmap for what you're meant to do.

But how do you follow your dreams and build a profitable business doing what you love without sacrificing your relationships, your family and your sanity?

And how on earth do you do that if you’re a mama trying to be all things to all people?

It's simple.

You stop trying to do everything and instead focus on doing the things that matter most to you, your family and your business.


That's why I'm on a mission to help Mompreneurs build profitable, dream-fulfilling businesses without sacrificing what matters most.

What’s the point of having a business that leaves you drowning in a sea of mom guilt, feeling exhausted and like you’ve never done enough as a mom or in your business?

Yuck! It’s time to kick mom guilt and overwhelm to the curb and build a business that aligns with your values, gets your heart work into the world and supports the kind of life you want to have in every way.

You can follow your dreams, get paid what you're worth and be an amazing mom, too... 

Because you deserve it, Mama.

How I let go of overwhelm and guilt and started creating success on my terms instead of someone else's

I’ll be blunt: the transition into motherhood really sucked for me.

Back in 2009, I’m working with best-selling author and personal development guru, T. Harv Eker, doing work I LOVE and that fulfills me in the depths of my soul. I feel like I’ve found my life’s purpose and I’m living it every day.

And then I get pregnant way faster than I thought I would. Hubby is thrilled and I’m, well… nervous. Not just because I’ll soon have a screaming newborn to care for but because of what it means for me and my work. As my belly starts to bulge, managing so many projects, running retreats and traveling so much gets really hard… too hard.

So I do what a lot of moms do. I sacrifice pursuing my dream for the “good” of my family and quit doing the work I love. Motherhood, here I come!

Oh, and do I ever have it all planned out! I dive into being the “best” mom with all the zeal of a type-A, high-achiever. I read all the books, take the hypnobirthing classes, plan my zen water birth, get the co-sleeper set up beside the bed so my baby will never be without me…

… and then nothing goes as planned.

My son and I barely survive a traumatic childbirth and I have my first ever, full-blown, screaming-like-a-crazy-person panic attack in the hospital.

I quickly sink into postpartum depression (but thought it was a “normal” part of being a new mom, so I never got help). Add in colic that seems to last forever and countless sleepless nights and I’m wondering what the heck has happened to my life.

So what do I do? I create a new project: Project Supermom. I pour myself into my son and all things baby: Gymboree classes, mommy playgroups, making my own organic baby food and everything in between. (Maybe you can relate?)

But, it’s not enough.

As a Supermom, I was busy but not happy.

So I create another project for myself which engages my entrepreneurial spirit more: I invent a new style of baby bib and I “work” on that project (in addition to heavily volunteering and popping out another baby) for six entire years as I let myself get lost in the day-to-day of taking care of the kids, running the household and volunteering.

Where had the time gone?! Years had vanished in the blink of and eye. I suddenly had this vision of watching my kids leave for college… and seeing my whole purpose for being going with them.  And, then what?

I love my kids dearly, but I didn’t want to be lying on my death bed feeling like I’d spent my entire life making other people’s dreams happen instead making time for my own, too.

Sure, the side projects help me keep a finger on my sanity, but I know it’s not what I’m ultimately meant to do… they’re just distractions to keep me from facing what I think is an ugly truth about myself and over which I beat myself up constantly:

Being “just” a mom won’t ever be all I need to be happy. 
* Oh, crap.*

When I stopped doing the work that I loved to become a mom, it’s like a huge void was created. There’s a nagging feeling of unhappiness that I try to ignore because, hey, what do I have to complain about? I’ve got two healthy kids, a great husband and don’t lack for material things. **Cue more guilt.**

Either/or... It’s a terrible way to think.

I can either be a fantastic mom OR I can do work I love. I can be a loving parent OR I can have a successful business. But not both… never both… and I’m always left feeling guilty and like I’m never doing enough. Like *I’m* not enough.

I hate feeling that way because it makes me feel resentful and angry… which only intensifies the guilt. It’s a vicious cycle and it starts to crop up in my relationship with my husband, how I am with my kids and the immense pressure I put on myself in my business. It’s not how I want to be or feel.

One Saturday morning as I’m slaving away in the kitchen making pancakes for the family, all those feelings that I’d been stuffing down exploded like a volcano of molten rage. Here I am working my rear off while my husband chats on the phone... It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, but this time it was pancakes. I don’t even remember everything that happened next, but there was a whole lot of screaming involved.

A little while later, I’m thinking, “Whoa. Where the heck did that come from?!” There’s obviously a part of me that feels very unsupported, angry and resentful - feelings I wasn’t really consciously aware of because I’d been stuffing them down for so long. Over the following weeks, I began unraveling what happened and how I’d gotten to such a bad place within myself.

And I realized that I can’t go on that way...

So I decided to stop the insanity.

I pressed reset on how I think about being a mama and a Mama CEO. I restructured my business in a way that supports my life and vice versa. I finally start letting go of the crushing mountain of unrealistic expectations I heap on myself, the anger, the resentment and the nagging guilt so I can start showing up as my best self with whatever I do.

Now not only am I a dedicated mama to two boys I dearly love, wife to an amazing man, and an ambitious business owner passionate about making a big impact in the world…

I’m actually happy.

I don’t have to choose between these roles in order to be successful.

I don’t need to sacrifice my dreams.

I don’t have to live from a place of either/or...

... and neither do you.  

If you're an ambitious mama and ready to...

  • Launch you ideas and passion into the world
    Make a fantastic income doing meaningful, soul-fulfilling work, or
  • Make a big difference in people's lives and an even bigger impact in the world...

...it would be my honor to support you in making your mark on the world, building a soul-fulfilling business you love and being the kind of mom you want to be… and do it all without the guilt and overwhelm.

Sound like exactly what you need?
Let’s make your dreams happen, Mama.

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Life is an adventure. Here's a bit more about mine.

One of the amazing Maui retreats I managed for T. Harv Eker.

One of the amazing Maui retreats I managed for T. Harv Eker.

Through a series of amazing events + a mountain of perseverance (too long to detail here), I manifested my way into working side-by-side with personal development guru, T. Harv Eker, creating, launching and managing over $3 million of live and online signature programs, including his high-end retreat program and 15,000+ person membership site. I LOVED it! I interviewed amazing luminaries like Brian Tracy and Marianne Williamson, helped change thousands of lives and found my life's purpose in the process.

Prior to finding the work that sets my heart on fire, I did the corporate 8 am-to-11 pm thing (those were my typical hours) as a Certified Financial Planner. Loved my clients... didn't love the mega-corporate life so much (to put it mildly). After many painful "hints" and a few swift kicks in the bum from the Universe, I finally quit, and in hindsight, the timing was impeccable (it was 2006). (Thanks, Universe!)

I believe travel (the fun, non-corporate-jobby kind) is one of the best ways to grow personally, expand your thinking and simply enjoy life... so I do as much of it as I can! Currently, the family and I (1 awesome hubby + 2 crazy boys) are kickin' it as ex-pats in Vietnam for a few years. That's been an in adventure all its own!


And, how do I feel about personal growth? Can you say mega-addict?? I believe if I'm not growing, I may as well have incarnated as a slug. I'm an avid learner, serial experimenter and dedicated implementer... then I share my experiences. I cherry-pick the best strategies and insights to share with my community (so you don't have to take all the programs and hire all the coaches I do!).

You've got this one life right now. How do you choose to live it?