3 Critical Steps to Manifesting Success

Imagine having a private beach-front, 7-casita retreat home + yoga room with staff of 5 and a private chef on one of Thailand’s premier vacation destinations… all for your family’s vacation. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you love to manifest something like that for yourself? Yeah, I wanted to, too. And so I did. :-) http://christineparma.com/blog/3-critical-steps #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #mompreneur #womeninbusiness #startup #business #marketing #sales #greatness #success #femaleentrepreneur #mindset

Imagine having a private beach-front, 7-casita retreat home + yoga room with staff of 5 and a private chef on one of Thailand’s premier vacation destinations… all for your family’s vacation.

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

This is a photo of the actual vacation home I manifested.

This is a photo of the actual vacation home I manifested.


Wouldn’t you love to manifest something like that for yourself? Yeah, I wanted to, too.

And so I did. :-)

But, first, let me back up. 


Prefer to Listen?

It all started with my sort-of last-minute vacation planning.

Four months ahead of time is VERY last-minute when you’re trying to plan a trip to Thailand over the Chinese New Year and everything’s booked a year ahead of time.

My husband and I scoured the internet for days looking for some place… any place… that wasn’t a typical hotel resort and didn’t cost $2,000 a night. 

Let’s just say the pickings were REALLY slim… as in, only 4 rental beach-front homes in all of Thailand in our price range during the week the kids are off school... and they were going fast.

But, you see, I’ve been really focusing a lot more attention and INtention lately on practicing certain spiritual and manifesting principles. I’ve been reading A Course about Miracles (again) and I put what I know works to work in this situation.

And then the synchronicities started happening… and I ended up with the contact info for a famous LA film producer and photographer whose bestie is Jeff Bridges. (Yes, THE Jeff Bridges).

I had the contact info… My mind wavered momentarily… Should I call him? Wouldn’t I be bothering him? I mean, he’s famous and a bazillionaire… and I’m, well, me! 

All the doubts and fears rose to the surface and I just let them pass… and then I contacted him. Long story short, he was super-friendly, his villa was available for the exact week we wanted it and he’s giving it to us for less than the price of a 2-bedroom hotel room.

*Jaw drop*

There are quite a few lessons I got from this experience, but I want to highlight 3 that are particularly important for YOU:

Lesson #1

Surround yourself with the people and learning that help you become the person you need to be in order to have what you desire most.

I’ve been taking an amazing program with Elizabeth Purvis called The Feminine Magic School of Manifesting and it has been a game-changer for me. Not only is the program content powerful, you get access to an amazing, supportive community guided by Elizabeth. The deep inner work I did in this program is what cleared the way for me to be able to manifest this amazing vacation.

The important piece of this is to remember that who you are now is not the same person as the you who has what you really want… or you’d already have it. You have to grow into and become that person first, and getting involved with the resources and people who can help you do it is the fastest way to start creating more of what you want in your life. For me, it was the manifesting program… for you, it might be something different. You’ll know what’s right for you, but you have to change YOU in order to change your outer world reality.

ACTION STEP: What is one way you feel you need to change in order to have what you want most?

Lesson #2

Opportunities are all around us to get what we want all the time. But how many times have you had an amazing opportunity come up only to let it pass by because you thought, “Oh, I couldn’t do that” or “I’m not rich enough/ famous enough / skinny enough [insert excuse]”? 

In the case of manifesting this vacation house, I knew I wanted to take my family to Thailand for the Chinese New Year, but I was soooo late in booking anything. I’d done some searching online and picking were more than slim or not in our budget. So I started talking to people about this vacation I wanted to go on. I knew I wanted to be beach-front and in a house at a price we wanted to pay. And low and behold, I was talking to my acupuncturist, and she said, I know a guy with a house - she said it was amazing - … and that’s how it got started.

When you ASK, and then the Universe GIVES… it’s up to you to notice and pounce on the opportunities! Even if it scares you, even if it seems impossible or a foregone conclusion that you’ll fail. 

 So I ask you: What’s one unexpected opportunity that has come up for you to have what you want? Or, what’s one opportunity that you intuitively know you should act on but haven’t yet? 

And, the opportunity that will give you exactly what you want may not look like what you thought it would. In fact, most times it won't and that’s actually a good thing because our minds can only perceive opportunities that fall within our current perception and beliefs (and these aren't the same ones that will get you what you want or you'd already have it).

Here's a perfect example: I just had another opportunity come up that supports the financial goals I’ve set for myself and it looks nothing like I thought it would. In fact, it’s something I thought I’d never ever do.

But I believe that (1) when something keeps showing up in your world, then you need to pay attention to it because there’s something there for you, and (2) when you get the opportunity to have what you want, but it comes via an unexpected way, you have to a decision to make:

  • You can be judgey about the “how” of getting what you want and let the opportunity pass by
  • Or you can do a quick reframe on yourself and be open to the fact that maybe that unexpected opportunity is exactly what you need to create what you want most. This is the choice I made in this instance.

Hot tip: Don't let your pre-conceived notions, limiting beliefs and wrong assumptions rob you of an amazing opportunity!

The unexpected opportunity for me recently showed up as the chance to join Elizabeth’s (creator of the manifesting program I love so much) doTerra team. I never, ever thought I’d get into direct marketing of any kind. I was one of the skeptics. But when I dropped my judgment around direct marketing and really looked at the opportunity and how it really filled MANY desires I have to create more health and wellness for my family and my community (I lived in a very polluted city and have had a lot of health problems since moving here), create a residual income stream for myself and to use the products to help me and my clients create the business and personal success we want more easily… it was really a no-brainer to say yes.

So I’ve been asking the Universe to help me create what I desire… and here it is. It’s one additional way I can do that. Was it unexpected? Totally! But is it a massive opportunity to create what I want? Totally YES. And I’m so excited about the way my sponsors use the power of the doTerra essential oils to amplify and bring ease to the manifesting process.

Let go of your judgments of what your opportunities to get what you want “should” look like, and you will start to see all the possibilities for you to have what you want that are already all around you. 

If you want to find out more about how you can create financial abundance, amazing health and even amp up your manifesting powers using doTerra’s products to support you, send me a message or comment on this post with the word “abundance” and we’ll chat.

Lesson #3

Be bold in declaring what you want and asking for what you want, and then take aligned action. 

Had I not asked the Universe for what I wanted and then started talking about it with others, I never would’ve manifested this amazing vacation for my family or the incredible opportunity with doTerra. And, yes, I’m saying talk to others about it because the Divine works through others to deliver your good to you.

The Divine’s job is to send you the awareness and opportunities, but it’s up to you to act on them. You can think positive thoughts all day long, but not much will change in your life until you act.

What's once aligned action you could you take today to move you closer to having what you want most?

Here’s another great example of being bold and making a dream happen through aligned action:

Last night I was flipping back through an old journal of mine and reading an entry from October 2006 in which I was talking about what I wanted to create in my life. At the time I had just quit a job I hated, was feeling really lost and I’d started taking some of T. Harv Eker’s programs. He’d recently made an announcement about a job opening I was in no way “logically” qualified for. Long story short, even though I wasn’t “qualified”, I took massive action toward going after that job I wanted, and in May 2007 I started working with him on creating his high-end retreat program. Without being bold in going after what I wanted, I would have missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that turned into one of the best times in my life.

HOT TIP: Do everything you can to energize that which you want more than what you currently have and do it with all of you.

This year I’ve intentionally dived back into deep inner work even more so than before. I’ve started re-reading A Course In Miracles, which this time around has really been blowing me away with all the insights and a-ha moments I’ve had. I felt pulled to enroll in the Feminine Magic program, so I followed my intuition and did. And I’ve been doing other self-work on top of that, from EFT tapping to acupuncture to Akashic Records sessions. I decided I wanted certain changes in my life, asked the Divine to show me the way and then the opportunities started showing up. What has happened in my life as a result of following my intuition and taking aligned action has been nothing short of amazing.

(I share my thoughts and insights from A Course in Miracles via what I’m calling Manifest Money & Miracles Mastery Circle because the book is really about how to become the person you need to become to get what you desire. If you’d like to join in, it’s 100% free, and I’ll let you know when I post my interpretations and insights. You can join in at christineparma.com/manifest.

Here’s to making your dreams come true!


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