5 Simple Steps to Saving a Customer Relationship When You’ve Messed Up

5 Simple Steps to Saving a Customer Relationship When You’ve Messed Up

The truth is you won’t really know how many potential customers you miss out on for every customer of yours who has a bad experience since one customer’s bad experience can have a disproportionately large impact given available technology and online social channels. The result is not only missed customers and revenue but also longer term damage to a business’s reputation, which can be very difficult to undo.

So, what should you do if you’ve inadvertently messed up an order, failed to deliver or somehow otherwise disappointed a customer and you’ve realized your mistake? 

5 Reasons Why Turning Away Customers Will Help You Make More Money

Growing a business is tough work, and as an entrepreneur or small business, you may be tempted to try to throw a wide net and capture as many customers as possible, regardless of whether they match your Ideal Customer profile or not.  Turning away some potential business customers is not only smart, it’s necessary for your business to thrive. 

Why Size Matters

Guys, I’m here to tell you, size ALWAYS matters! Just to clarify, I’m talking about the passionate and purposeful “why” for being in business and the “why” that drives you to go after your dreams… as in, “Why Size” Matters. (wink)

Why do big, passionate and purposeful whys matter so much? Your “whys” play a major role in influencing whether your business thrives or fails and whether as an enterprising entrepreneur you persevere or give up. Passionate and purposeful why represent your emotional drivers, which are always more powerful than logical drivers. When you have an emotional attachment to a process or an outcome, you’re much more likely to go the extra mile and not only get to the finish line but run through it with gusto

Thrive in Business and Life by Embracing Your Authentic Self

Contrary to the message of conformity that is often touted in our society (you should look like this or act a certain way for people to like you), letting your genuine character shine will help you stand out in an ocean of sameness and connect with those people who want exactly what you have to offer.

Authenticity begins with bringing your life in alignment with your values. A disconnect between your values and how you show up in life will quickly communicate inauthenticity to those around you and erode your inner confidence. I’ve outlined a quick exercise that can help you get started on the path of embracing your uniqueness and shouting it out to the world.

Create a Life You Love Using Divine Guidance & Inner Wisdom

Call it Higher Self, your Inner Guide, Divine Guidance, Angels, Spirit, God or whatever you will, but I believe we do receive spirit-centered guidance that speaks to us through inner wisdom and connection to the universal flow of energy. It may show up as a “strange coincidence”, a hint, a feeling, or simply a “knowing”. The more you can train yourself to notice and pay attention to guidance, the more your life will seem to flow along easily with fortunate and happy synchronicities lighting a path for you to follow.

Tapping into and listening to that wisdom is truly invaluable – not only will your life be flow along with less effort and stress, you can spare yourself a lot of suffering and life lessons learned the hard way. 

The 5 Big Fears That Keep You Stuck in a Job You Hate

When SoulPancake asked 11,000 people what stood between them and where they want to be, they were expecting the usual suspects: time, money, health, stress, even laziness. They were surprised when the top reason was fear… but I’m not. Fear is what kept me from quitting a job long after I knew it was time to move on.

What's Your Problem?!

Do you ever feel like every time you gain momentum in your business, life or relationships that you hit a brick wall? That for every two steps forward you take one (or maybe three) back?

You’ve got a problem – a big problem that will keep you stuck where you are - unless you do something about it. It’s what Gay Hendricks calls the Upper Limit Problem in his fantastic book The Big Leap – Conquer Your Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

Get to the Root Cause with the 5 Why’s

The Five Why’s is a process originally developed by Sakichi Toyoda of Toyota Motor Corporation to get to the root cause of a problem and identify the process that had failed (in his case, in the manufacturing of Toyota vehicles). I have tweaked the Five Why’s process to help me uncover hidden limiting beliefs, get to the root cause of being stuck in an area of my life or business and to help me identify my ideal clients.

Stuck on Stuck

I knew what I wanted – a beautiful, elegant, easy-to-use website I can add content to or hire help, as needed – it’s that there are SO MANY choices and so many of them seem so “right”. And therein lays the problem. Too many options can lead to confusion and stifle productivity and progress.

Even knowing this already, I still got stuck on being stuck. My mind just couldn’t let go of feeling like I’d make the “wrong” choice and that there was a perfect solution out there for me if I just kept searching.

What a waste of time it is to be caught in the whirlpool of decision paralysis. It not only obliterates your valuable time with little to show for it, but it drains away your energy, your creativity and your productivity.