How to Know which Big Dreams + Goals to Act on Now

The problem with being too ambitious... and how to make it work in your favor instead

If you’re like most ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs, at the beginning of the year, you write out your list of business and personal goals you want to hit this year. You’re overflowing with big dreams and ideas for your business (and life)... and that can get in the way of your success.

I’m not saying not to set big goals for yourself, but here’s the problem: Too often the most amazing, brilliant, I’m-making-a-real difference-in-the-world entrepreneurs struggle in their businesses because they’re pursuing too many dreams and goals at the same time.

Your big ambition can cause you to scatter your energy too much when you’re trying everything under the sun to make your business grow quickly. Then it turns into big overwhelm, frustration and then unnecessary failure.

It’s a sure sign you need to focus in on your top-priority dreams and goals (and sideline the rest until another time) if you can identify with any of the following:

  • You feel totally overwhelmed (and maybe a bit paralyzed) by all of the things you “need” to be doing to grow your business.
  • You get distracted by all of the “shiny objects” that promise a miracle-fix to your business woes? (and you may have tried just about all of them without significant results).
  • You haven’t been getting the kind of results you’d like to in your business even though you’re so busy.

"But I want it all..."

I can hear you thinking, “But all of my dreams and goals are so good! They’re all important to me!”

Yes, that can certainly be true… AND it doesn’t mean you have to try to make them ALL happen at the same time! If you try to do that, none of them will get enough love and attention to make happen.

Think of it like having kids. If you have one, you can give him or her all of your attention, time and energy. Her clothes are clean, he gets to take all kinds of classes, you’re vigilant about academic performance.

Add in another 3 or 4 kids… and you’ve got barely controlled chaos on your hands! Your attention, time and energy are divided and you’re spread really thin unless you happen to get a lot of help from someone else.

Does your business sometimes feel like barely controlled chaos, too?

Thankfully, kids are really adaptable and can often look out for themselves once they reach a certain age, but your dreams and goals aren’t like that. They need constant focus and energy to make them happen.

So, you’ve got to prune, prioritize and focus your ambitions on a few priority dreams and goals to see real results. (And I’m going to help you do exactly that in this post.)

The magic questions to ask

If you’re having trouble deciding which dreams and goals to make a top priority right now, ask yourself:

1.    Which ones excite me the most?

2.    Which ones am I feeling pulled to do first?

3.    Which ones will help me create the kind of business and life I dream of having?

4.    Will I really regret NOT giving my full attention to this goal right now so I can make it happen?

5.    Am I truly 100% committed to making this goal or dream happen?

Then, once you’ve pruned your list down a bit, run the remaining list of goals and dreams through a second set of questions to determine what the rewards will be and if they’re really worth focusing your time, energy and resources into getting:

  1. What’s the pay-off for or benefit of making this happen? How specifically will this help grow my business?
  2. How will reaching this goal benefit others? (Think: clients, loved ones, your community, etc.)
  3. What necessary resources or skills do you need to make this happen? (What do you need to become, learn, create or do in order to achieve this goal or dream?)

You should now have a much clearer, more focused list of priority dreams and goals to act on. And, of course, the key to making any dream or goal happen IS action!

Please Share Your Thoughts

In the comments below, please share which specific action you will take NOW to make one of the dreams or goals on your list happen.

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