The Steps to Manifesting More of What You Want

 You seem to be doing everything right. You put in long hours, you work hard and you take action, but things aren’t happening like you want them to.     When you’re getting a bunch of what you don’t want, how can you turn it around and start manifesting more of what you want?  It all comes down to your energy, how you’re asking for what you desire and acting on your intuition.   Here’s what you need to do to start manifesting more of what you want in life right now.   #manifesting #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #success #lawofattraction #inspiration #money #business #womeninbusiness #WAHM

You seem to be doing everything right. You put in long hours, you work hard and you take action, but things aren’t happening like you want them to. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, maybe you’re just not booking enough clients or bringing in enough money, so you’re struggling to stay in business.

Or maybe you’ve been begging the Universe to send you a different job opportunity because you can’t stand the one you currently have, but for the life of you, you can’t find anything that you’d actually be excited to do.

Or you desperately want to be in a loving relationship and have plastered your profile all over dating service websites, but all the guys you date are Mr. Wrong.

When you’re getting a bunch of what you don’t want, how can you turn it around and start manifesting more of what you want?

It all comes down to your energy, how you’re asking for what you desire and acting on your intuition. 

Here’s what you need to do to start manifesting more of what you want in life right now.


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Start by raising your vibration to resonate with what you want

To manifest more of what you want, you have to get your energy level into alignment with that which you want to attract.  Think of yourself like a big tuning fork. If you’re familiar with how tuning forks work, you know that when you strike one, it starts to vibrate and produces a certain pitch of sound. Just like a tuning fork, you’re constantly sending out an energetic vibration that seeks out similar vibrations. If your energetic vibration is high and positive (think love, joy, passion and hope), you’ll attract people, things and circumstances with a similarly high vibration.

The opposite is true, too. When your energy is vibrating at lower frequencies, the principle still applies and you’ll align with the other energies that are resonating at similar vibrations. Unfortunately, it’s most often what you’re trying to rid yourself of. That’s why it’s so important to shift your energy to higher vibrations quickly, or at least to a neutral frequency, to avoid attracting more of what you don’t want into your life. 

 Image credit:  Energy Therapy

Image credit: Energy Therapy

A personal example of how profoundly shifting your energy vibration can affect your outer-world results is when I got the job opportunity to work with T. Harv Eker. I was coming out of a job that I was really was miserable in and one of the darkest times of my life. At that time, I couldn’t see how my life would ever get better. I didn’t know what the new job would be or how I’d make money, which is why I clung desperately to my job that I wasn’t happy in for too long. I was scared. I didn’t know what my next step was.

I didn’t know what my next “logical” steps was, so I started focusing on how I wanted to feel - happy, energized, excited, joyful. A lot of people get stuck in the mindset of feeling trapped by their circumstances and trying to figure out the next logical step. But when you’re feeling stuck or trapped, the first thing you have to do is to stop focusing on feeling stuck and instead focus on how you desire to feel instead. 

Once I shifted my energy and made a specific request (the next step) for a new job that was in alignment with how I wanted to feel, things started shifting very quickly. I manifested a new job opportunity far more amazing than what I could’ve ever conceived and my life was taken in a totally new and wonderful direction. 

What do you want more of? What do you want to attract into your life?

When you are clear on what is it that you want, then take a look around at your life, your business, your relationships, and every little facet in your life. Ask yourself, “Where am I out of alignment? Where am I energetically not a match in what I say I want in my relationships, my business and my health? Where am I energetically off? How am I not bringing that energy in that piece of my life?” Then take the steps to align your energy with that which you want to have more of, which I share below.

Make a crystal-clear, specific request

When manifesting more of what you want, you can’t just go out and get what you want if you aren’t clear on what it is that you want. You must be clear and specific about what you want… or you may manifest something different! And, honestly, too many people are completely clueless about what they want! They don’t actually sit and take the time to really think specifically what it is they want to create in their lives. 

So if they say, “I want more freedom”, that’s quite general and open to a lot of interpretation. Freedom for me probably means something different from freedom to you. What does freedom look like to you specifically? How do you define freedom?

If you want to manifest more money and simply focus on having “more money” and you find a dollar in the street, you now have more money than you did before. Request granted! But I bet you were aiming for more than a buck, weren’t you? That’s why it’s so important to be really clear and specific about what you want to attract more of, yet always remain open to receiving that or something better. 

Stay open to getting something even better

One of the things I’ve learned in my life is that sometimes we tend to think a little too small. What life has planned for you and me - what the universe has planned for you and me - is a whole lot bigger than what we can imagine for ourselves. When we have our heart set on manifesting something, whether it’s money, a relationship or a particular job, the Universe often has something much better in store for us if we stay patient, open to possibility and root ourselves in the faith that the Universe always has our backs. 

When I finally quit the job I hated and opened myself up to receiving what I desired in a way I hadn’t imagined, was only about a month later that the amazing new job opportunity showed up while attending a personal development seminar. I never would’ve thought I’d hear about a job opening during that seminar, and it was the only time I’ve ever heard such an announcement such a conference out of the dozens of live events I’ve been to. The Divine’s plan for me was so much greater than the vision I held for myself at that time (thankfully!).

Act on your intuition

After you’ve set the conscious intention for what you want to create and have brought your energy into alignment with it, follow it up with action.

The Universe will do it’s part, and you need to do yours. Your part of the divine partnership includes acting on your intuition. If you don’t know what your next action step is, ask. Ask God, your Higher Self, your intuition. What is your gut telling you? What is your heart pulling you to do next? Be open to receiving the answer in any forms. It could show up as an email (that’s one I often request), as a casual remark in a conversation with a friend, as a book that you suddenly feel compelled to buy. And when the answer or opportunity you’ve been asking for shows up, be sure to act on it!

When I was sitting in that personal development seminar and I heard the job opportunity, I knew instantly it was what I’d been asking for, even though on paper I was in no way qualified for that job. I felt a rush of energy so great, I literally jumped out of my chair. My heart pounded, the voice in my head screamed, “That’s it! That’s what I’m meant to do next!”. In that moment I had the choice to act on my intuition to go after that job or talk myself out of it because I wasn’t “qualified”. 

Don’t let fear and doubt talk you out of doing what your heart - your intuition - is telling you to do. You must constantly realign yourself with what you want to manifest, take aligned action and be steadfast in the belief that you can and will have what your heart desires.

Be persistent in going after what you desire

This might be the hardest part: being patient and persistent in spite of what is or isn’t showing up for you. It can be more than a little frustrating when you feel like you’re doing everything right, and yet what you desire just isn’t happening.

When that amazing job opportunity with Harv Eker manifested, I got into action fast. I was on it like white on rice. Harv was the one who’d make the hiring choice, so I was at every live event he was at. I stretched myself way outside of my comfort zone by doing things like auditioning to be a trainer for his live events, just because it meant he’d be watching me and getting to know me better. I drove up to Canada and met with his HR Director to convince him I was the one Harv should hire, just in case it helped my chances. 

I kept at it for seven long months. At the very end, I started to wonder if I’d somehow gotten it all wrong… that maybe this job wasn’t meant for me after all because I hadn’t gotten the “you’re hired” yet. And that’s exactly when you should ask again for guidance from the Universe and not give up. It was when I’d almost given up all hope and asked for guidance that not 60 seconds later I saw an email in my inbox that said, “You’re hired!”

Refocus on staying aligned with what you desire to create and then be persistent in going after it. You never know if you’re only inches from the finish line. 

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I’d love to know what successes and frustrations you’ve had with manifesting more of what you want. When has it worked for you? When hasn’t it? And, what have you learned from those experiences?

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