How to attract + book more clients with offers that sell

You’re doing everything you’re “supposed to” do in business…

You’re marketing consistently and working around the clock on building your business…

And you’ve tried just about every marketing strategy under the sun…

But you’re still struggling to bring clients in the door.

Here’s the problem…

You know how amazing you are, the incredible results you get your clients and the value of your work…

But if you're not clearly communicating it in the offers you make, then others won't understand how you actually help them solve their problems or fulfill a desire. The result is that you’ll struggle to get paying clients, charge what you’re worth and create a thriving business you love.

So what’s the solution?

You’ve got to make sure you offer your services in a way that your ideal clients find practically irresistible.

Imagine what your business and life would be like if…

  • Your calendar was filled with amazing clients who value you and your work… and who you love to work with
  • Your message was so on target that it was like a magnet and attracted your right and perfect clients to you
  • You were able to give your clients exactly what they want and need so that you help them get even better results
  • You could clearly communicate the value of what you do so everyone “got” it
  • You didn’t have to struggle in your business anymore because you had as many clients as you wanted and could afford to do more of the things you dream about

The strategies I’ll be teaching in the Book More Clients Bootcamp are based on my experiences with helping my clients create, launch and fill over $3 million of signature programs and come straight out of the premium programs system that I now teach my private VIP clients.

Entrepreneurs just like you have used the offers I've helped them create to:

  • Book clients at over $1400 each, even though they were just starting their businesses
  • More than triple the rates they were charging… and the client signed on for more!
  •  Sell out their first ever VIP retreat
  • Sign up new clients at over $10,000

And it’s not just that they were able to charge higher fees and get them, but that some of my clients had never even had a single paying client before.

No years of experience, no string of letters after their names, no big street cred and no mailing list… and yet they booked clients more quickly and at rates higher than most others in their fields do.

The Book More Clients Bootcamp is an exclusive opportunity to learn the key strategy to booking more clients and at higher fees that I teach my private clients... but for only a fraction of the price.

Let me ask you... What's one additional client a month worth to you? Or a sold-out program? Or a retreat that fills up in half the time at double the price?

Imagine how many more clients could you book with an offer that so deeply speaks to your ideal client's problems, dreams and desires that she thinks, "This is exactly what I was looking for!"

You can choose the membership level that's right for you (Founding Member, Premium Member or VIP Member level).

I know that you want to make a big impact with your work. Now it’s time for your business’ bottom line to reflect the amazing work you do.

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Hi, I'm Christine.

I help coaches, speakers, experts and heart-centered service providers to attract, book and serve more of their ideal clients. 

Step by step I show them how to take their unique life experience, expertise and passion and package it into their own signature programs and client-booking offers so they can make a bigger impact with their work, create more income and freedom in their lives and have a thriving business they love. 

I've helped create, launch and fill over $3 million of signature programs. I'd love to help YOU make a bigger impact and income doing what you love… and do it with more joy, grace and ease.