Are you ready to up-level your business and empower your clients to soar higher?

You're already successful. You've nurtured your passion for helping others into a 6-figure business and now you're ready to make a bigger impact. 

But, you're not a program strategist, curriculum designer or event planner. You're the blazing soul with expertise to share!

And, frankly, you just don't have the time to create and launch another program yourself, even though you know it's time.

What you need is someone who works with you to translate your ideas, wisdom and expertise into amazing, intimate experiences and powerful supporting programs perfectly packaged to attract your Ideal Clients, grow your brand and further your vision.

That's EXACTLY what I do.

I specialize in designing and supporting delivery of life-changing live events, live and virtual programs and empowering products focusing on the development of human potential, personal empowerment, entrepreneurial best practices, lifestyle transformation, healthy and wellness, spirituality, enlightened wealth creation and purpose-driven or cause-centered travel.

When we team up, I collaborate with you to transfer your knowledge, content and personality into amazing, life-changing experiences and supporting resources that will knock the socks off your fans… and leave them asking for more.


And, if you hire me to be your on-site operations manager for your Platinum Transformational Retreats, seminars or mastermind events, you won’t have to sweat the small – or big – stuff. You’ll be free to focus on doing what you do best… delivering your message, rockin’ lives and intimately connecting with your clients.


 Custom Solutions

I offer Custom Solutions for businesses that want in-depth guidance and a higher level of my personal involvement to create and launch premium-level signature programs, events or retreats. This level of service may be for you if your clients are asking you, "What's the next step?" and you're leaving them empty-handed (leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table) or you're ready to grow your suite of programs and services but don't have the time to manage the project yourself.

Getting expert help creating and launching your next signature program, product, live event or retreats is your next step if you:

  • Want to quickly grow your business into the mid-6-figures and develop 7-figure business potential
  • Are looking for a new revenue stream that can be up and running quickly and significantly grow your bottom line
  • Want to create deep, lasting transformation for your clients
  • Have a community of fans and you’re ready to take your client experience - and your business - to the next level
  • Have clients who rave about you and want more of you, but you’re stuck on what to offer them next,  or you...
  • Want to create live, in-person experiences that are extraordinary and authentically YOU, grow your brand and create a huge cash flow injection for your business while having a ton of fun

Please contact me at to schedule a consultation to discuss collaborative options.