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Make your business work for you.


You’re one smart, ambitious entrepreneur.

You're committed to making your unique contribution to the world.

You’ve got big dreams, and you launched your own business to make them happen.


You’re wearing a hundred different hats...

Trying to be all things to all people...

And using a scattershot approach to make your business work.

You feel like you’re knee deep in swamp of overwhelm, guilt and exhaustion as you work 24/7 at building your empire while juggling all the responsibilities of your family life.

Not to mention time… there never seems to be enough of it. 

Never enough time to work on your business…
Never enough time with your kids or loved ones…
And never enough time to make your dreams happen. 

And, time for yourself? 

*eye roll* 

Yeah, riiggghhht… like that ever happens.

And, you're not sure what to do to fix the situation. But one thing IS very clear: 

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The way you're doing things just isn't working...

Not for your business and not for your life.

That awful feeling

You know the one I'm talking about.

It's probably the worst part of it all.

It's living with that gut-wrenching feeling that you’re failing… 

Failing as an entrepreneur… 

Failing your loved ones… 

And failing at making your dreams happen… even though you’re working your bum off.

And that’s certainly NOT why you decided to take the leap and start your own business!

I understand. I’ve been where you are.


Being a mom is the hardest job I'll always love the most, but I’m more than “just” a mom. I wanted to… needed to… make my own contribution to the world outside of my family.

So when I decided to make my dreams happen and launch my business, I went all in…

Trying learning every business-building strategy under the sun…

Signing up for a zillion online and coaching programs…

Killing myself working really long hours and late into every night.

Yet no matter how hard I worked, I couldn't seem to make any significant headway.

I was trying to cram so much into each day, I was exhausted, cranky, and feeling way burned out.

I’d totally lost sight of the whole reason I’d make the leap to being an entrepreneur...

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Freedom, flexibility and doing more of what matters most

Yet my reality was far from it. 

I felt like I should be given the Worst Mom in the World and Worst Entrepreneur Ever awards.

One day I reached my limit. I’d maxed out on stress, overwhelm and a mixture of guilt, resentment and anger. I’d had enough. 

That’s when I gave my business and my life a total makeover.

I took a long hard look at where I was investing my time, energy and effort and the returns I was getting.

I got really clear on what’s truly important to me.

And I re-aligned my business so that it supports the vision I have for my life.

The best part?

Not only did my business start to grow a lot faster...

I got to enjoy more precious moments with my kids and feel great about the job I'm doing both as a mom AND an entrepreneur.

Let me share a little secret with you...

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You don’t have to Do. It. All.

You just have to do the few right things.

Imagine what it would feel like to...

  • Have the time you need to get things done in your business, spend time with your family and even regularly enjoy much needed self-care
  • Be free from the crushing burden of having to DO. IT. ALL. so you can say good-bye to the “go-go-go until you drop” schedule that has you running on fumes
  • Know exactly what to focus on in your business so you more easily connect with your dream clients and turn prospects into paying customers
  • Know what to offer that your dream clients want and will pay for, so you can grow your business faster and with more grace and ease
  • Feel more secure about the future of your business and your family

All you need someone to help you implement the systems, structure and plan that will help you grow your business without losing your sanity or yourself in the process.

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That's exactly what I'm here to help you do.

It's the whole reason I created the Biz-Life Makeover. 

This 30-day implementation-intensive program gives you the strategies and support you need to create both a joyful life and a profitable business... on your terms and in the way that works best for you.

During this personal private coaching mini-program, we’ll work together to…

  • Stop the emotional rollercoaster of stress, overwhelm and guilt by setting clear priorities for your business and personal life with the structure to make them happen
  • Create your red-hot, client-booking offer so you can attract your dream clients and get paid what you’re worth
  • Design your personal 90-day action plan that will help you grow your business quickly but sustainably... and without you working 24/7
  • Put systems in place to help you be super productive during the time you DO have to work on your business - even if you’re juggling kids or a full-time job - so you can stop thinking about your to-do list around the clock

And best of all, we’ll work together to give you what you created your business for in the first place…

The freedom + flexibility to do what matters most to you.

It’s time for you to get off the crazy-train and start making your business and your life work for you again.

A radical shift in only 30 days

Here's how we'll work together to create major forward progress in your business while we create space for the personal things that matter:

The Make It Work Analysis

It all starts with pinpointing where things have gone off track so we can fix them.

Systems, Structure + Support

During 4 x 45-minute laser strategy sessions (1 per week) in which we dive into creating specific structures and systems that support you in rocking your business without the stress, overwhelm and guilt. Plus, I'll send you the recordings so you have everything we did at your fingertips.

As an added bonus, you’ll get MP3 recordings of our sessions so you can refer back to them as needed.

Implementation, Accountability + Personal Feedback

You’ll get my personal feedback on specific, action-oriented assignments and structured implmentation support designed to create quick wins.

Special 1:1 Access

Personal  access to me via email and Facebook messenger to get implementation, strategy and emotional support when you need it most.

“I’ve Got Your Back” Safety Net

Stuck on how to move forward after the program is finished? Don't worry... I've got you covered . We'll get together for 1 additional 30-minute "I've Got Your Back" trouble-shooting session 30 days after you complete the program so you can get the help you need as you implement the new strategies on your own.

SPECIAL BONUS: Tools + Resources that Make Your Biz-Life Better

I'll give you my list of time- and effort-saving, must-have tools to help you grow your business faster and better (so you can have time for all of those other things you want to do, too)

Your investment for getting your business and life back on track - fast - is only $1297 USD.


  1. Click the “Get Started Now” button to submit your payment of $1297 USD. (Payment plan option is available at check-out.)
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  3. Then we’ll get together over Zoom for each of our sessions. We’ll be covering a lot of ground, so after we’ve completed each session, I’ll send you the audio recordings as an MP3's for you to listen to again whenever you wish. 

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