Learn how to create, launch and fill your profit-boosting,
high-end signature program

You’ve got a fire in your heart for doing work that matters. You’ve got a dream to make happen and you won’t settle for anything less.  

And, you want to help a whole lot of people and make a ton of money doing it.

Yet things haven't turned out like you'd hoped.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel like you're burning the candle at both ends and running yourself ragged, but you've got too little to show for it.
  • You want to earn more money working with more committed clients who "get" what you do, but you don't know how to go about doing that.
  • You’re not earning in proportion to what you know in your heart is the amazing value you provide and what you’re truly worth... but you don't know how to position your services as worth higher fees.
  • Or, maybe you've tried to create a high-end program or mastermind before and it didn't work out because you couldn't figure out how you take your passion, ideas and experience and package it in a way that people are willing to pay top dollar for. 

One thing's for sure...

You're ready to create more income and freedom doing work you love.

You're not willing to give away your time and talent at discount prices. You're not Walmart... and you don't want your clients to think you are, either. You're worth more than that and you want to create a high-end, truly amazing program that positions you as an expert who delivers rave-worthy results and is worth every dime of the premium prices you charge.

That's exactly what I help you do.

In this private coaching intensive, I show coaches, speakers, experts and other ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs how to take their unique life experiences, expertise and passion and package it into their own highly profitable signature programs and courses so they can make a bigger impact, create more income and freedom, and have the kind of business and life they dream about.  

Imagine if you had a simple, proven, step-by-step path that showed you exactly how to create a program high-end clients happily enroll in so you could...

  • Charge what your services are truly worth and command premium fees– without fear, guilt or hesitation – because you have your step-by-step, repeatable system that gets your clients real results.

  • Feel confident about the value you deliver and the fees you charge, even if you’re new in business

  • Stand out in your industry and position yourself as a true expert instead of “just another coach/speaker/healer” who charges by the session or hour

  • Easily sign up new clients when networking, speaking from stage, being interviewed on podcasts or when guest posting because you have an offer your ideal clients find irresistible (and avoid leaving all those sales on the table!)

  • Have the kind of time, freedom and income you desire so you can do more of what really matters to you

This is a hands-on, action-taking, make-it-happen, 8-week VIP program.

I'll walk you through everything you need to know to create and launch a signature program that clients will happily pay premium fees for... and we'll work together to do it as you go.

The best part is, once you’ve created your first core signature program, you can easily re-package it for individual coaching, group training programs, live events, signature talks, books, online courses, blog posts and more. Plus, you can much more easily create your next signature program once you have the first one done. 

Having a signature program is the key to creating the kind of business you’ve dreamed about.

Your signature program is your most valuable business asset – your income-generating superstar – when it’s designed, positioned and delivered correctly.

By giving your clients what they want and need – in a way that channels your brilliance and is authentically you – not only will you make more money, you'll help your clients get even better results... and that's something you can truly feel great about!

Say goodbye to under-charging and earning less than you deserve.

Say goodbye to not knowing what to offer people or how to package your wisdom and know-how into life-changing programs that sell.

And, SAY HELLO to making a big impact and a big income doing what you love... without the stress and overwhelm.

Ready to create a bigger impact and bigger income by offering your own signature program?  

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Here’s how we’ll work together to add hundreds of happy clients to your list and put a lot more cash in your bank account:

I’ve condensed the expertise I’ve gained from helping to create, launch and sell over $3 million of both live and online programs into the Profit Now with Premium Programs Private Mentoring and Implementation Intensive. For 8 weeks I’ll personally guide you and help you get the brilliance in your head and heart translated into your own brilliant, profit-making signature program.

You get everything you need to be successful... from how to create a program your clients will love to an effective and uncomplicated launch strategy to exactly how to sell your program at higher fees with integrity and ease.

Plus, you get my personal attention, advice and support every step of the way so you’re never left wondering what to do next or if you’ve done it “right”.

You’ll also learn insider secrets that other trainers leave out, like:

  • How to enroll clients into your new program before it’s even finished so you can quickly create a cash flow injection in your business

  • How to know if you’re creating a program people want and will pay for so you don’t waste months of your time and energy only to end up with zero sales

  • A “paint by numbers” sales conversation script that allows you to sell without feeling icky, pushy or sleazy

  • How to talk about what you do in less than 20 seconds that has your ideal clients saying, “Yes! That’s what I want!” – perfect for networking events, podcast interviews and sales conversations. (If you get this wrong, you’ll hear a lot more no’s.)

  • Critical steps to continuing to grow your business after you’ve launched your signature program.

  • Plus, recorded lessons and dozens of step-by-step guides, fill-in-the-blank templates and done-for-you email scripts that dramatically reduce your time from program concept to enrolling paying clients

Profit Now with Premium Programs is designed to get you *FAST RESULTS*

Unfortunately, many large group programs throw a lot of information your way, give you help in the form of a few “Q & A” calls or “office hour calls” (on which you keep your fingers crossed they get to your question) and give you ZERO personal feedback and support along the way.

The sad outcome for many clients of these kinds of programs is that they get stuck at some point or lose momentum and never get the results the program promised. They feel overwhelmed, confused, unsupported and (understandably) disappointed.

The truth is that over 80% of clients taking self-study online courses or large group training programs fail to even complete the course or program! Don’t beat yourself up if you’re one of the statistics. Despite good intentions, most of these kinds of courses and programs don’t offer the kind of support and accountability structures to help their clients make it successfully to the end or overcome the inevitable challenges that pop up.

I help you take massive action with expert, personalized support.

This program is a training customized to take you from exactly where you are right now all the way through creating, launching and filling your first or next lucrative signature program.

I don’t leave you to go it alone and wonder if you’re doing it right or what the next step is. You’ve get my personal attention, support and advice the entire time we’re working together.

Let me assure you that people will want what you have to offer when you create an offer and program that speak intimately to your ideal clients and you know how to position it so those clients can’t wait to sign up.

That’s exactly what I help you do.

Your investment for walking away with the keys to your biggest business profit-maker – your very own premium-level signature program – is $4997 when paid in full. Payment options are available.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and finally get your brilliance out into the world while creating more freedom and income by serving your clients in the highest way, then…

Here are your next steps:

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  2. After you’ve submitted the application, I’ll send you instructions on how to schedule a brief follow-up call during which we’ll make sure the program is a good fit for you. I’ll also answer any questions you may have.

  3. If it’s a fit, then I’ll guide you through how to get started and we’ll be off and running!

Ready to finally have the business you’ve dreamed about?

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Want more details? Click here for the Profit Now with Premium Programs FAQ.

Still have a burning question you need answered right now? Email me at Christine@ChristineParma.com and I’ll reply personally.

Hi. I'm Christine.

I help coaches, speakers, experts and heart-centered service providers to attract, book and serve more of their ideal clients. 

Step by step I show them how to take their unique life experience, expertise and passion and package it into their own signature programs and client-booking offers so they can make a bigger impact with their work, create more income and freedom in their lives and have a thriving business they love. 

I've helped create, launch and fill over $3 million of signature programs. I'd love to help YOU make a bigger impact and income doing what you love… and do it with more joy, grace and ease. 

I look forward to helping YOU make a bigger impact and income doing what you love!