How to book more clients and get paid more for doing the work you love (without feeling icky, slimy or sleazy)

You decided long ago that life was too short to spend it working a typical J-O-B, so you made the leap into pursuing your passion. You’re committed to making a difference in the lives of your clients… and the world. You’ve even built a business around it.

But instead of having more freedom, income and fulfillment in your life, you're running 24/7 because you're just not bringing in enough clients at fees high enough to make your business work financially.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel a bit tongue-tied when you try to explain to potential clients how you can help them and why you're worth every bit and more of what you charge... so you end up hearing "Let me think about it" or "Maybe later" way more often than you'd like.
  • You’ve thought about charging more, but you’re afraid you’ll lose clients – or not get any at all – so you’ve stayed stuck on the treadmill of serving clients at low fees, leaving you constantly stressing about money.
  • You've tried raising your prices before and clients didn't go for it (but you can't figure out why), so you went back to offering your services at reduced rates.
  • You feel frustrated because you're sick and tired of working your heart out for next to nothing... and at the end of the day, you just wish you could book more of your ideal clients and finally get paid what you're worth.

Let me assure you, raising your fees AND having a full client list IS possible... and it's possible for you!

With the Raise Your Fees personalized mini-program, I help ambitious, service-based entrepreneurs finally earn what they're worth. And because they’re earning more per client, they can stop struggling financially, cut back on the number of hours they work and finally have the life they want.

Imagine what your business and life would be like if…

  • You could finally raise your rates – and clients happily paid – because you knew exactly what your clients were willing to pay more for.
  • Enrolling clients at your new, higher fees felt natural and easy because you could clearly and confidently communicate the amazing results you help clients get and do it in a way that truly resonates with them.
  • You felt energized by your business because getting paid higher fees meant you could work with fewer clients and get them better results even faster.
  • You had a business you loved that deeply served your clients while allowing you to earn more money, spend more time with your loved ones and have the lifestyle you want.

During this short private coaching engagement, I guide you step-by-step through how to create and clearly communicate your own irresistible, higher-fee offer that your ideal clients will want to say YES to!

You’ll have the critical tool – your Irresistible Offer – to book more clients and finally get paid more money doing the work you love once you’ve completed the Raise Your Fees mini-program.

No more confusion about what to offer.
No more fear about losing clients because you raised your fees.
No more fumbling around looking for the right words to communicate why clients should work with you. 
No more scraping by in your business.

This Private Coaching MINI-Program includes:

What Your Clients Will Happily Pay Higher Fees For

This important deep dive guides you through discovering exactly what your clients will pay higher fees for. It also lays the foundation for how to communicate with your clients that makes enrolling them at higher fees easier. You'll complete this work prior to our first call or Skype session.

Create Your Client-Attracting Irresistible Offer

During our 45-minute, one-on-one Raise Your Fees with Integrity and Ease Strategy Session, we’ll work on creating and honing your offer, including what you're offering and exactly how to communicate its value to your potential clients. You’ll walk away with the keys to an offer you can share with prospects and current clients that supports you charging and getting paid higher fees today

As an added bonus, you’ll get an MP3 recording of our session so you can refer to it again as you tweak your offer or create new ones.

The 4-Step Get Booked Solid Offer Creation Formula

Quickly fill your calendar with committed, higher-fee clients! You get a proven template that shows you exactly what you need to include in any offer you create that will have people asking, “When can I start?”, regardless of the price. 

“I’ve Got Your Back” Safety Net

Raising your fees can feel a little intimidating or clumsy in the beginning and your first few offers to clients might not go exactly as planned. Four weeks after our session, we’ll have a 30-minute follow-up session to address any challenges you’re having with your offer and quickly get you back on track. 

Book More Clients at Higher Fees Action Plan

After our initial working session, I’ll email your personalized Raise Your Fees with Integrity and Ease Action Plan. This is your blueprint for putting your offer to work so you’ll know exactly what to do next to start raising your rates with confidence, booking more clients and finally getting paid what you’re worth.

Listen, I understand. I’ve been where you are.

I’ve felt mystified by the process of how to offer my clients something that they highly value and happily pay higher fees for.

I’ve worked for waaaaayyyyy less than the real value I’ve delivered. And, I'm here to tell you that...

You CAN make a BIG IMPACT AND INCOME doing what you love… and I’ll help you do it.

Your investment for walking away with the keys to booking clients at higher fees is only $197.

Ready to get started? Here are your next steps:

  1. Click the “Get Started Now” button to submit your payment of $197.
  2. After you submit payment, you’ll receive your welcome packet, Business Clarity Questionnaire and Client Agreement.
  3. Once your questionnaire and signed agreement have been submitted, you’ll receive access to the What Your Ideal Clients Really Want session pre-work exercise and a link to schedule your Raise Your Fees with Integrity and Ease Strategy Session.
  4. Then we’ll get together on the telephone or over Skype for our session. We’ll be covering a lot of ground, so after we’ve completed the session, I’ll send you the audio recording as an MP3 for you to listen to again whenever you wish.

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Hi. I'm Christine.

I help coaches, speakers, experts and heart-centered service providers to attract, book and serve more of their ideal clients. 

Step by step I show them how to take their unique life experience, expertise and passion and package it into their own signature programs and client-booking offers so they can make a bigger impact with their work, create more income and freedom in their lives and have a thriving business they love. 

I've helped create, launch and fill over $3 million of signature programs. I'd love to help YOU make a bigger impact and income doing what you love… and do it with more joy, grace and ease. 

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