Get unstuck, clear away blocks and open the floodgates of abundance into your life

You’re a spiritual explorer and know in your heart that you are the creator of your life.

You’re deeply dedicated living in authentic alignment with the your truth, values and soul’s purpose.

And you're committed to creating an abundance of love, money, meaning and freedom in your life while doing it.

But the problem is that even though you’ve taken gobs of courses on how to manifest your dreams, created dozens of vision boards and repeated affirmations until you felt silly…

You still haven’t been able to bring into reality what you really, truly want.

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You feel like you’ve tried All. The. Things… and yet what you're experiencing in your life just isn't how you really want it to be.

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You feel like your journey to creating the kind of abundance, joy and freedom you desire has been one step forward, two steps back… and you’re so tired of it!

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Sometimes things seem to click, and you feel elated… but you don’t feel that way for long as you bump up against another “brick wall”, hit another patch of challenging times or stuff just blows up in your face.

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You wonder, “Why does creating the kind of life I want have to be so darned hard? Why can’t things just be easier? Why can’t things just FLOW?!?!”

You have a sneaking suspicion that you’re somehow getting in your own way... that something’s blocking your abundance...

...but you haven’t been able to figure it out and get UNblocked yet, and that's left you feeling frustrated, fed up and more than ready to finally get things consistently moving in the right direction.


I went in feeling stuck in an endless cycle of shame with my business and how I was progressing with it. I’d hit a ceiling, didn't know how to progress and had so much doubt in my ability to turn things around.

Christine has a way of making you feel safe and protected through the process and is such a great messenger for the wisdom from the Records. She went into my Akashic Records to get insight on what it was that I needed in order to get unstuck. The message was something that I never would have seen for myself… and yet it was the exact thing that I needed to move forward. I woke up the next day feeling lighter, brighter, clearer. I’m jazzed. Complete. Full. And EXCITED to work on my business so I can powerfully show up and serve my clients.

And it gets even better! I’ve made two sales in the two days since my session with Christine, after an agonizing period of 2 months with no sales (which was the first time since I began my business 2 years ago that I hadn’t sold anything in a month). The “real world” changes are manifesting so fast! I highly recommend working with Christine if you’re feeling stuck, unsure or frustrated with your situation and you’re ready for deep inner transformation and meaningful, real-world results, too!

- Ellie McMillan, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Wellness Leader
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You’re ready to clear the path to what you want and align with it NOW.

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You you want to have an ABUNDANCE of joy, freedom and financial prosperity right now… not months or years down the road.

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You want to feel EASE and FLOW… not the stress, struggle and frustration of continuing to hit your head against the wall trying to make things happen like you want them to.

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You want increased CLARITY and CONFIDENCE… not a mountain of doubt and confusion about what your next steps should be.

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You want more MONEY in your bank account… not the financial roller coaster of the way things have been.

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And you most certainly want more daily FREEDOM for self-care, family and fun… not feeling like a slave to your work or busy schedule.

Imagine how much easier it will be to call in more of everything you want once you’ve finally removed the blocks that are keeping you frustrated and stuck. Instead of spinning your wheels, you'll have a clear path to greater abundance… all with joy, ease and flow. 

The great news is that it’s totally possible… and it’s totally possible for YOU.


I had a block around up-leveling my finances, relationships, and career (life purpose). I seemed to always get to a certain point and then hit a major roadblock, and I could never get further.

I think we covered more ground in a one-hour session than I uncovered in 5 therapy sessions! Now I feel lighter about everything and realize that shifting my vibration to a feeling of joy and wonder will heal me faster than any to-do list, chore, exercise or whatever other controlling thing I’ve tried in the past to work towards a goal. I feel free to play more and simply enjoy the ride along the way... and that is the small difference that makes ALL the difference for me.

And so much has changed so fast! Back then I remember feeling frustrated a lot, tired, and like I couldn’t get things to move forward. A lot of days feeling “stuck” and unhappy.

In all areas of my life now, things are moving forward, opening up, and shifting in ways I couldn’t even have dreamed of! I’m now 6 months into my current position with a new firm, and I have just been promoted, received a raise and pushed through my glass ceiling on my belief of what I am worth and have the ability to earn.

I recently attended a work conference and presented to a group of over 100 people…when public speaking even a few months ago would likely never even have been a possibility. I’ve been more assertive, confident, and guided effortlessly to new experiences, people, and places that expand my experience in life.

It’s been a really fun ride and I look forward to what else the universe has in store for me! Thank you for this session, Christine! It was such a game changer for me!!

– Stephanie LaMania, Senior Consultant

Don’t “make” things happen.
Do this instead.

I used to be the kind of person who would Make. Things. Happen.

I was really attached to being perceived as a hard worker who would conquer staggering challenges through sheer determination, willpower and a crazy amount of burning the midnight oil.

Square peg not fitting into the round hole? Hammer that sucker until it does!

Forty hours a week not cutting it? Well, then working 60 punishing hours a week must the the solution!

I’d set big goals, formulate my plan and then work my ass off until I reached the finish line.

The only problem was that this approach totally sucked.

I was always nose-to-the-grindstone, feeling exhausted and totally guilty for choosing work over my family. But I thought that was what was required to be “successful” and to get what I wanted out of life.

That approach worked for me for awhile… until it didn’t.

Life has a funny way of showing you what you need to learn and my lesson came in the form of a major meltdown on morning while cooking pancakes.

Frustration, anger, resentment, overwhelming feelings of sacrifice flooded out like a dam bursting. I’d been working so hard doing “all the right things” that I’d inadvertently worked myself into a miserable state and blocked the flow of abundance I was trying so desperately to tap into.

A huge fight with hubby, a lot of introspection and mountains of epiphanies later, I finally made the shift from “making” abundance happen to allowing it in by activating it within myself.

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You see, in truth, the easier way to have the money, time, freedom, love and everything else you want is NOT to use blood, sweat and tears to "make it happen".

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The easier way is to simply align yourself at the highest spiritual and energetic levels with your Divine Abundance and the opportunities to create it, while also clearing out what’s getting in your way, that you allow yourself to finally receive all of the prosperity and goodness that's waiting for you.

And my Abundance Activator sessions leverage the power of the Akashic Records plus potent energetic and belief-change modalities to help you do exactly that. (I even guarantee results!*)

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A joyfully abundant life is your birthright.

The amazingly joyful, fun and rich life you dream of is NOT something you have to earn through hard work and sacrifice.

Society tells us we have to work hard for what we want, make sacrifices to achieve our dreams and put in years of effort to be deserving of any success. 

I used to buy into that. Maybe you have, too, even if done so unconsciously.

But at what cost will you continue to play that game?

Based on my own experiences and those of my clients, here’s just a little of what it’s costing you:

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A huge toll on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of staying stuck pulling your hair out dealing with the same setbacks, the same frustrations, and the same destructive patterns that keep you living the same disappointments, heartbreaks and financial roller coasters time and time again…

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The pain of never really being able to create the kind of life you truly want and instead struggling with burn-out, broken relationships and a whole mess of feelings and situations that fall squarely under the category of “this is NOT what I want”…

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Missing out on all the things you COULD have - like the freedom to travel, an amazing home that nourishes your spirit, the financial capacity to help A LOT of people - if you only cleared what’s stopping you out of the way and aligned yourself with your Divine Abundance at all levels of your being…

None of those all-to-common scenarios above are what makes up a truly rich and abundant life… at least not in my book.

And although effort is necessary, sacrifice is NOT… and constant sacrifice is the fastest path to feeling deprived, angry and resentful (not exactly what you’re aiming for, I bet).

Enough is enough.
It’s time for things to change right now for you… and change for good!

Don’t you agree?

Of course, turning everything you’ve been conditioned to believe on its head and doing things differently can be a bit tricky… and that’s where I come in.

Hi! I'm Christine, a limitations-busting Online Business Strategist, Digital Marketer + Soul-Aligned Success Coach with a unique approach to helping you get real results really fast.

Christine headshot new 2018-circle transparent 400x400.png

You see, I’m very different from your typical success, mindset, or business or life coach. I help you transform crazy-fast and get rapid results by combining powerful energetic, spiritual and mindset modalities with whip-smart practical strategies and advice. I help you clear out your inner junk that’s keeping your amazingly abundant and joyful life at bay and support you in stepping into the highest and most soul-aligned version of you who has everything you want.

Some of the results-getting techniques I use include transformational coaching, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), diving into your Akashic Records, energy channeling and other spiritual and mindset reprogramming / repatterning modalities that are proven to work in their own unique ways. When I put them to work for you, it all adds up to big inner transformation and even bigger real-world results with ease, fun and flow.

I believe life and business are supposed to be fun, joyful and overflowing with an abundance of everything that makes your heart sing... and it's meant to be that way for you right now, not "someday" after you've "earned it" or "paid your dues".

The Abundance Activator sessions are the perfect solution when you’re tired of beating your head against the wall and you're ready to create lasting change at the deepest levels to attract a far greater abundance of everything you want into your life RIGHT NOW with ease.

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Your dream life is within reach.

Turning the typical success creation formula on its head is how I went from working a miserable job as a Certified Financial Planner to landing a 6-figure, too-good-to-be-true job with a big name personal development guru, even though I had zero qualifications and a snowball’s chance in hell of beating out the competition.

It’s how I then launched my career as a coach by signing up my first client into a $5000 program after talking to only three people… and before I’d even created the program.

And it’s how I now have a business that allows me to do exactly what I love and supports the kind of life I want,  even while I work fewer than 25 hours a week, have plenty of play time with my kids, engage in daily body-mind-and-soul-nourishing self-care and have the freedom and resources to do the things that light me up, like taking amazing family vacations several times a year.

I call that a blessedly abundant and rich life.
And that’s what you’re meant to have, too.


On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d give the session I had with Christine a 100 if I could! I had my Akashic Records read many months ago by someone else, and this experience with Christine was completely different. She is connected, she is authentic, and she is wildly intuitive! She made me feel comfortable and safe in a very vulnerable situation, which is a great thing because by the time I found Christine, I was in a really tough place in my life. I was wrestling with a lot of painful issues – disillusionment with my healing profession, confusion about my life’s purpose and loss of faith in myself.

I scheduled the session with Christine because I wanted career help, but what I got out of our time together was so much more than that. I couldn’t seem to find work that was aligned with my passions, and I felt like I was a fraud. The heaps of doubt and uncertainty about my abilities and purpose as a healer were tripping up my efforts to being successful at every turn. This made me feel unworthy, fake, scared, and full of fear.

Christine helped me view what I have been struggling with from a radically different perspective. This experience has given me so much hope, healing and clarity. Working with my Record Keepers, Christine gave me guidance and FAITH that I am on my path, that I can trust my intuition, and that I am the healer I have always wanted to be. I now FULLY trust that and am thrilled to continue this journey.

– Stefanie Huseman, D.C.

Imagine how amazing you'll feel and how different your life will be when…


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You’ve uncovered the truth about your struggles, what they’re all about and what you need to do now to end them for good

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The energetic, mental and emotional blocks that have stood in the way of your freedom, joy and prosperity are cleared away once and for all

All kinds of new, exciting opportunities start to “magically” showing up as a result of aligning your subconscious mind and energy with your conscious desires (making others marvel at how “lucky” you are)

dot starburst 1 yellow 50x50.png

You’re crystal clear about your next most soul-aligned steps and deeply confident about your ability to create the life you’ve envisioned for yourself

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Your rich, freedom-filled dream life begins to effortlessly unfold in the “real world” physical reality even as you have more fun along the way

These things and so much more are what these Abundance Activator sessions can do for you!

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Deep transformation leads to meaningful, lasting change. 

You are ferociously committed to creating your soul-aligned, joyful and abundant life right now

And you want to FINALLY stop taking every cookie-cutter money creation, business success or manifestation course under the sun and actually get help that's customized to YOU (so you get real results fast), then let me put your heart at ease... 

Then the Abundance Activator sessions are exactly the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Here's the kind of magic you can expect to happen:

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During each 90-minute session we have together, we’ll activate more joy, fun, freedom and financial prosperity in your life... even if everything else you’ve tried before has failed.

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We’ll clear limiting beliefs and energetic patterns keeping you stuck, frustrated and achieving less than you desire and shift your prosperity attraction into high gear.

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We’ll use transformational processes to align your energy with the amazing abundance that is just on the other side of the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.

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And we’ll clearly establish your next soul-aligned steps that will continue to open up the flow of abundance, opportunity and well-being into your life even after we complete our session.

Ready to claim your most abundant, joyful and rich life now?

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1 Abundance Activator Session




3 Abundance Activator Sessions

Package investment:

$697 (Save $194)


Christine is an intuitive person who guides you from her heart. I was touched by her wisdom and lovely way of walking me into deep levels of my soul.

I was feeling lots of frustration regarding my business in terms of clarity, alignment to bring the right clients in and financial issues. During my session with Christine, I was able to get another layer of understanding of how the impostor syndrome has been affecting my business. Even though I was already aware of my struggles with this and that this was interfering in my business, during the session I finally understood exactly HOW it was playing out in my business and life (including how it was manifesting in physical pain I’ve struggled with).

Christine helped me make the shift from frustration to clarity, from feeling not good enough to self-love, and from external recognition to self-acceptance. And she also gave me a specific exercise that is going to help me in the process of deepening my self-love and self-acceptance.

The Akashic Records work was a magical journey of awakening by removing a lot of fears and stepping into my inner power and love. Without a doubt, these sessions with Christine are a 10 out of 10!

– Lina Carvajal, Life Coach, Therapist and Counsellor

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Ready to step into your most abundant, rich and radiant life?

“But it can’t possibly work…”

Let’s call a spade a spade.

The world is full of cynics hell bent on proving they deserve to have a good life by working their butts off. They feel they’ve got to earn what they want through struggle, strife and sacrifice. And they’ll keep trying to get different results by doing the same thing over and over until the cows come home. 

They’re the people who scream bloody murder the moment you make a claim that goes against their “work your fingers to the bone” mentality. That’s how much they believe the B.S. they’ve been fed.

Tell them that you don’t have to earn your way to deserving an abundant life and that it doesn’t require working 60 hours a week and their minds go spinning...

“That can’t possibly work.”

“That might work for some people, but there’s no way it will work for me.”

“If it doesn’t take blood, sweat and tears, then I don’t deserve it.”

So I wanted to come right out and say this...

Yes, it’s true that the Abundance Activator sessions don’t work for everyone.

More specifically, they do not work if…

You are the kind of person who whines and complains about your life or business but you're not willing to actually do anything differently. (If you’re really invested in playing the victim and don’t actually want to change your life for the better, I’m not the one for you.)

prohibited red trans 50x50.png

You believe that a life of fun, freedom and financial prosperity are only for the lucky few (and certainly not you!) and you’re not willing to change your opinion about that. If you get your kicks from playing the victim, this isn’t for you.

prohibited red trans 50x50.png

You don’t mind watching years of your life vanish as you sacrifice your dreams, settle for less and feel the crushing pain of knowing you're meant for more but not achieving it. Martyrdom doesn’t look good on anyone, IMHO.

You get your jollies from taking the long, slow, hard road to getting what you want so you can feel like you deserve it… and you aren’t ready to cut months - even years - off the time it takes for you to create the kind of success, joy and freedom you dream about.

prohibited red trans 50x50.png

You’re the kind of person who isn’t willing to show up fully during your session(s), doesn’t implement the follow-up steps and then blames the coach or strategy when things don’t change for you. (If you’re flaky, don’t follow through and lack integrity, please forget you even found me.)

If you see yourself described above and you’re NOT ready or willing to change… then I’m not the coach for you! I truly wish you the best.

But, perhaps you DO want to turn things around in your life….

I’m hoping you ARE ready to say YES to all of the joy, fun and abundance that you CAN have…

And maybe you just have a few lingering questions in your mind.

So here it is…

The answers to any lingering doubts, fears or concerns you may have:

+ What are the Akashic Records?

You may be wondering what the Akashic Records are and what's possible. Here's how I like to explain it in a nutshell:

The Akashic Records are also called Soul Records and The Book of Life. In short, they are the energetic records for each soul about every past, present and possible future incarnation, as well as the overall development of their soul and its purpose.

Think of your Records like your own personal library. Every soul has its own Akashic Records, overseen and protected by beings of light called the Record Keepers (your personal and most helpful librarians). Your Record Keepers are there to help you access the wisdom contained in your Akashic Records, guide you to clarity around challenges you may experience, share information and collective wisdom that will benefit the development of your soul and your understanding of life events, facilitate healing and transformation, increase your energetic frequency to align you with new possibilities for creating what you desire, and support you in experiencing joy and fulfillment every single day, among other things.

In essence, when you access your Akashic Records, you’re tapping into Infinite Intelligence and the divine wisdom of Source, and it’s all there waiting to be shared with you to help you navigate your journey here on Earth with more clarity, ease and joy. I've found that when I'm accessing the Records of my clients, the Record Keepers like to make use of the other mindset, energetic and spiritual modalities I'm trained in, which allows for even deeper and more profound healing, energetic attunements and shifts. The results have been nothing short of amazing for myself and my clients.

+ How long is each session and what's included?

Each session is officially booked for 90 minutes, although you should mark off a bit more time in your calendar in case we need extra time to complete the work. We’ll activate more joy, fun, freedom and financial prosperity in your life by shifting and clearing unsupportive beliefs and energetic patterns, aligning your energy with what you desire to call in, and establishing your next soul-aligned steps that will continue to open up the flow of abundance in your life after we complete our session.

+ How are the sessions held?

Sessions are conveniently held virutally over Zoom (preferred), Skype or by telephone. After completing payment for your session(s), you'll receive an email with the link to schedule your session. After you've scheduled your first session, you'll then an appointment confirmation email with the link to my Zoom "room" that you'll click on at your scheduled session time.

If you live in Ho Chi Minh City and would like an in-person appointment, that is available with an additional charge (please contact for details of in-person sessions).

+ Will these sessions work for me?

Yes, these sessions will work for you if you come with an open mind and are committed to changing what needs to be changed in order for you to create a different outcome (reality) than the one you're currently experiencing. You must be open to hearing things that might be tough to hear, including what may be shared by your Record Keepers from your Akashic Records. Rest assured, though, that all information coming from your Records is Truth, Light and Love. There is never any judgment, shame or negativity that comes from your Records... but your interpretation of the information is up to you (meaning, you can take it as judgment if your mind is made up to do so, but that's not what is ever intended by your Record Keepers).

I will do my personal part to support you in getting the transformation and outcome you desire... but you must also do yours. If you come to this session expecting a one-shot miracle cure, I'm not the person to help you. Although miracles CAN certainly occur and things most often DO dramatically and immediately shift in amazing ways (both internally and in "real world" results), more often you'll walk away feeling excited, energized and total transformed... and possibly a little bowled over by the information you receive... and these changes will start to ripple out and transform your physical reality over the coming days, weeks and months. Just see the Client Love Notes on my Praise page for some examples of the kind of results my clients see.

Remember, a one degree shift may feel very small at the time you make it, but over time, it will dramatically change your outcomes and what your life looks like. I liken it to when you're flying a plane, for instance. Changing your route by one degree may mean you land in Seattle instead of Los Angeles. Big difference from a tiny change! Your session may result in a one degree shift or a twenty or fifty degree shift, but don't underestimate the power of powerful but seemingly small shifts.

+ Is this for me, even if I'm not an entrepreneur or I don't have my own business? (aka, Can this help me with personal struggles, in my career, with my relationships, etc.?)

Yes! These sessions aren't just for business owners, they're for EVERYONE who wants to create a lot more abundance in their lives. I define abundance as not only more money in the bank, but also more joy, freedom, well-being, strong and nurturing relationships, love and all of the other "good stuff" that makes life meaningful and worth living.

For you, abundance might specifically look like getting a raise, a promotion and busting through the glass ceiling at work (like my client Stephanie LaMania did).

Or it might look like finally feel like you're clear on the soul-aligned work you're meant to do here and how to show up powerfully to do it (like Stefanie Huseman).

Or it might look like getting new clients and having sales come in the door after an agonizing period of nothing happening (like Ellie McMillan).

Or it might be deep healing of stubborn beliefs and patterns that have been blocking your abundance and happiness that you've tried to fix but haven't been able to do yet (like Chris, Lina, Ashmeeta and Caitlin, for example).

(You can read some of the Client Love Notes I've received on my Praise page for more about their experiences and results.)

Because when it comes down to creating all the different kinds of abundance in your life, YOU are the common demoninator, whether you're in business for yourself or not. And whatever "true abundance" looks like for you, if you're not living it right now in your everyday life - and even if you are - there's always room to receive more and these Abundance Activator sessions will help you do it!

+ Do you guarantee results?

I stand 100% behind all the work I do and I help my clients rapidly change their lives and call in more abundance of all kinds with ease, joy and fun.

AND I know that if you go into this working convinced that it WON'T work and if the only thing that will convince you to step into this huge transformation is a guarantee...

Then you're not really committed to changing your reality, plain and simple, and your outcomes won't be as wonderful as you'd hoped.

I am all about supporting you with clearing out what's blocking your abundance and aligning you with the much more abundant version of yourself and your life, but YOU have to be ready and willing to powerfully choose to be done with all the money drama, emotional baggage, scarcity, and lack consciousness and the results these things have produced in your life.

No one can ultimately "make" you more successful, joyful or abundant, even though after working and healing inside your Akashic Records, it's really hard not to have that outcome. No one can truly "guarantee" results when it comes to YOUR life (and if they do, you should run the other way!).

So, no, there is no specific guarantee about results, although meaningful "results" are virtually inevitable (unless you choose to really try hard to stay stuck in your current problems). To be clear, there are no refunds.

But I know that if you're truly desiring to quickly change your life and the level of abundance you're experiencing, and we're a right fit for each other, then this isn't a concern for you.

+ Why should I invest in this now? I'm kind of busy.

The only reason to invest in the Abundance Activator sessions that really matters is that you want your life to be different... and a lot sooner rather than later. That's really the only reason to invest in anything: to get different results than what you're currently getting.

If you're too busy to invest 60 minutes into clearing out what's blocking your abundance and a bit more time to take the follow-up steps, then, in all honesty, changing your life and the kind of results you're getting isn't really a true priority for you. And, that's okay. Just be honest with yourself about it. You may not be ready for the kind of massive life transformation that can happen after an Abundance Activator session. But if you are, then these sessions are more than worth your investment of time, effort and money.

+ Still have questions?

Still have a burning question? Email me at and we'll get back to you the next business day (Monday - Thursday, 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM UTC+7 (Asia) time zone)

More Awesome Things People Have to Say About These Sessions…


The Akashic Records session with Christine went above and beyond what I was expecting!! I’d been struggling with feeling that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or didn’t have a lot of value to offer the world, despite years of working on these issues. Even though I knew those thoughts weren’t true, I wasn’t able to shake them, and I wanted to know where they were coming from, clear them out and finally find peace.

During the session with Christine, I received profound insights into the root causes of these beliefs and physically felt a massive shift in my energy. I’m calmer, sleeping better and feel liberated from the burden of others’ emotions I’d been carrying. I now have such a lighter bounce to my step, I’m more confident, and my soul feels expansive!

If you’re looking for answers to challenges you haven’t been able to figure out, these sessions with Christine are the godsend you’ve been waiting for!

- Chris Stoner, Life and Integrative Nutrition Coach

Although I feel like I have a game plan for my career, I've struggled with developing mutually supportive and caring romantic relationships and friendships for years. My relationships always seemed to end up being one-sided with me giving way more than the other person. These relationships left me feeling hurt, disappointed, lonely and a bit hopeless about ever being able to have true friendships with people who really care about me. When I scheduled my session with Christine, I was hoping she could give me insight into this pattern of shallow, predatory and unfulfilling relationships I was stuck in... and she definitely did that and more! Every day since our conversation I think about the insights that Christine brought to my attention. I'm now taking positive, concrete steps toward creating the kind of relationships I want to have and feeling very positive about my future!"

- Rachel Pellham, International Teacher

Before my session with Christine, I was lacking self-confidence about how I help people and the value I bring to my clients. I was having difficulty promoting my business as a result. Christine quickly helped me to shift my perspective to see the bigger picture and release the fears I had around what other people think about me, which was keeping me from putting myself out there. The day after our session, I got into action and started promoting myself... and felt great about it! I wouldn't have made that leap without the insights and help she gave me. I'm so thankful and excited to keep moving forward!"

- Joanne Murphy, Reiki Practitioner

I've struggled for most of my life with low self-worth, which has taken a toll not only my relationship with money, but also my work and personal relationships. In one session, Christine helped me to see the link between all of these issues and my frustrations at work, helped me start to reevaluate the way I feel about people who are wealthier than I am and motivated me to really dive into discovering what I desire to create in my life. I'm consciously making better choices that are aligned with who I want to be. Thank you, Christine, for the insights you gave me. The session was a 10 out of 10 for me!

- Karen D., Teacher
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Yes, I’m all in for more joy, fun and abundance!