Are You a Prisoner of Your Own Ambition?

Are You a Prisoner of Your Own Ambition?

We’re always hearing how important it is to be ambitious and to go after our dreams, and to work hard and make it happen. 

I say the same things… and I have a big vision and ambitious goals for myself… and you probably do, too.

But here’s the tricky part…

If you’re so ambitious in the pursuit of making your dreams happen that you lose sight of what’s truly important in your life, then what does that ambition really get you?

Here's why you need to keep an eye on what matters most, especially when you're building a business of your own.

Raise Your Fees to Get More Clients

Raise Your Fees to Get More Clients

You decided long ago that life was too short to spend it working a typical J-O-B, so you made the leap into pursuing your passion. You’re committed to making a difference in the lives of your clients… and the world. You’ve even built a business around it.

But instead of having more freedom and fulfillment in your life, you're running 24/7 because you’re just not bringing in enough clients at fees high enough to make your business work financially.

Too many heart-centered entrepreneurs know they’re undercharging for the real value and amazing results they deliver, but they’re afraid to raise their rates. That’s not only bad for their business; it also undermines their clients’ ability to get real, lasting results.

How to Finally Start Earning What You Deserve

You’re smart. You’re a go-getter. You’re pursuing your passion of building a thriving business and really going for it.

More people than ever are following their bliss and starting their own businesses…

Yet most entrepreneurs never crack the 6-figure ceiling. Too many of those wanting to make a difference end up struggling.

Of those who do make it into 6-figure territory often only do so by working their fingers to the bone. They may have a ton of clients, but they’re a slave to their business… and it’s certainly not the follow-your-bliss kind of business they’d envisioned creating.

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to share with you the big mistakes that almost every passionate entrepreneur like you is making that keeps you stuck earning way less than your potential and infinitely less than you deserve.

I’ve also packed in the answers to how you can stop making these mistakes and finally start creating 6-figure income consistently without burning yourself out.

The good news is that the problems you’re having with your business – the reasons your business isn’t working like you’d hoped – are totally solvable.

5 Powerful Steps for Attracting and Enrolling High-End Clients

5 Powerful Steps for Attracting and Enrolling High-End Clients

Did you know that serving high-end clients plays a key role in growing your business well into the six figures.?Most transformational entrepreneurs use a one-on-one, dollars-per-hour service model and at some point, you max out on the number of clients you can serve in a week or month.  Because your income is a result of the simple math of number of clients multiplied by the fee per client, increasing the fee per client is the only way to increase your income in the one-on-one model. That means you need at least some of your clients to be high-end if you want to generate more income.

What can you do to start attracting those highly desirable premium clients? In this article I walk you through five simple steps for attracting your right-and-perfect high-paying clients. Let’s dive right in so you can start using these strategies right away.