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Have an urgent problem in need of a quick solution or simply want focused, results-getting advice NOW?

You’re in the right place!

I created the Bigger Income & Impact Consultation specifically for ambitious entrepreneurs who need help with a particular problem but can’t make a bigger and more time-intensive commitment right now.

If you’re having trouble growing your business and it’s stressing you out in a big way…

Or you have the opposite problem where you’re so swamped in work you can’t take a day off for fear of it all going down the toilet…

That’s not success because in both cases your business isn’t supporting the kind of life you want to have… 

The kind of life where you get to earn great money doing something that excites you AND take afternoons off to do what lights you up.

I was already doing "okay" in my business, but I didn't know my next steps to start bringing in income quickly. Christine helped me get clear on which income-generating activities I should be doing and which services I should be offering to grow my business. I now have my personal, step-by-step plan for reaching my business goals! - Jen Phillips April, Write Words Marketing

If you’re struggling with:

  • Getting enough clients… and the ones that are truly an ideal match for you
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the things you feel you need to do to grow your business
  • Knowing where to focus your time and energy to see the biggest return on your marketing efforts
  • Trying to balance running a business and a family (and feeling like you’re failing miserably at both), or...
  • Feeling exhausted and underpaid and you want to work fewer hours while earning more

… AND you want the steps and strategy laid out for you in a one-time consultation, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs who are fiercely committed to building profitable businesses they love and lives they love even more. 

Step by step I show you how to package up your brilliance into programs and products that sell and implement systems to grow your business so you can finally earn what you're worth without working 24/7, missing out on precious time with your loved ones or sacrificing what matters most to you.

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What can 60 focused minutes do for your business?

During your 60-minute Bigger Income and Impact Consultation, we’ll dive into the heart of what’s not working in your business. Here are a few examples of what we can accomplish together:

  1. Determine the business systems and processes you’re missing and you need in place that can save you hours of time each week so you can spend more time doing the things that light you up, or... 
  2. Identify which marketing activities you should be doing now based on your personality, what’s working online right now and where you are in your business journey… and what you need to do to get started, or…
  3. Create a profit-driving marketing plan that you can put to work in your business over the next 3 months (instead of wasting tons of time and energy with marketing that doesn’t add to your bottom line), or…
  4. Start designing a client-booking, sales-boosting offer for your services, program or product that draws clients to you like bees to honey, or…
  5. Put an end to mindless busywork that gets you nowhere and instead know exactly what to work on every time you sit down, no matter how little time you have that day, or...
  6. Create a personalized plan for outsourcing or automating many of your business to-do’s so you can earn more without being chained to your business 24/7
I didn't have a clear plan for building my business and wanted help creating a focused plan of action. I found working with Christine super helpful! I came away with actual steps that I can take action on to grow my business. So grateful! - Lindy Lewis, Curriculum Designer

With the right strategies and systems in place, you can do what you love, earn fantastic income and have the kind of life you dream about.

If you were given the steps to solve even one of your big struggles, what would that do for your business? For your life?

Ready to get started?


  1. Click the “Get Started Now” button to submit your payment of $197 USD. 
  2. After you submit payment, you'll receive an IMPORTANT email with all the details of how to get started, including how to schedule your consultation. (If you don't see an email from, please check your spam folder or promotions tab.)
  3. Then we’ll get together over Zoom for our consultation. We’ll be covering a lot of ground, so after we’re done, I’ll send you the audio recording as an MP3's for you to listen to again whenever you wish.
I already had a plan for building my business, but I was having trouble sticking to it and felt overwhelmed by all the dreams and goals I wanted to pursue. I didn’t know which ones I should go after now versus put off until later. Christine helped me get much-needed clarity and forward momentum by showing me how to prioritize all of the things I need to do so I can focus on the ones that matter most. Best of all, I feel like I’ve turned my "to-do" list into an "it's done" list! - Rachel Turner, Health Coach & Owner of Dandelion Eco Store