Frequently Asked Questions and Program Details

Profit Now with Premium Programs Private Mentoring and Implementation Intensive

Create, Launch and Fill Your Own Premium Signature Program


How do I apply for the Private Mentoring and Implementation Intensive?

1.    Click this link to be taken to a short application form that will tell me more about you, your business and your goals. No payment is required to apply.

2.    After you’ve submitted the application, I’ll send you instructions on how to schedule a brief follow-up call during which we’ll make sure the program is a good fit for you. I’ll also answer any questions you may have.

3.    If it’s a fit, then I’ll guide you through how to get started and we’ll be off and running!

What does the Profit Now with Premium Programs Mentoring and Implementation Intensive help me do? What kind of results can I expect?

Simply put, this program is designed to help you create your authentically-you signature program, launch it and start enrolling paying clients into it within the shortest amount of time possible. Too many entrepreneurs trying to do it alone get stuck in one of the phases (create, sell, deliver). They either struggle to get their ideas and experience into a program format that makes sense… or they stay in the “creation” phase forever and never actually sell their program… or they manage to enroll a client or two, but have no idea how to deliver a premium experience for their client and so they get totally stressed out (which takes all the joy out of working with your clients) and end up with unhappy clients.

There are a lot of mistakes you can make that cost you precious time, money and energy when creating, launching, selling and delivering a signature program, especially if this is your first time doing it. Believe me, I’ve made a ton of mistakes and I want to help you avoid them so you can get your brilliance out into the world in a bigger way and make a fantastic income doing it.

That’s why I don’t offer my signature program as an online course that leaves you to figure it all out on your own and feeling stranded when you inevitably hit a bump in the road. I take you by the hand and keep you moving forward with specific assignments, in-depth personal feedback on your program, advice tailored to help you overcome the inevitable challenges that arise and special strategies for you to start earning money with your signature program as quickly as possible (and often before you’ve even created it!).

You can look forward to getting results like Jennifer when you complete the program, do the work, take action and implement what I teach you in your business. You can read more from my clients on the Praise page.

Before I met Christine, I’d been working on building my coaching business for over a year, but I still had no clients. I knew what I wanted to share in the way of my message, but it was a pile of ideas at best and I was stuck. [After completing the Profit Now with Premium Programs Intensive] I filled my first ever VIP Day and sold my first $2,000 program within 1 month of completing Christine's program. And within 4 months, I booked my first $10,000 client! “– Jennifer Dunham Starr.

Where can I learn more about the program?

You can read more about the program here in the FAQ and on the program description page.

If you’ve still got questions, I’m happy to answer them. Send me an email at and I’ll reply personally.

How long is the program?

After making your payment for the program, you'll immediately receive program pre-work to complete prior to our first scheduled call. The program lasts 8 weeks from the date on which we have our first call. 

How much help do you give me?

A ton! Here’s how we’ll work together to create your signature program, launch it and start to enroll clients in it quickly:

  • One 90-Minute Private Quick Start Success Strategy Session with Christine to kick-start your success, create a bold vision, establish specific outcomes for your signature program and business, help you free up the time you need to implement the program’s steps and create crucial mindset shifts.
  • Results-Getting Guided Audio Lessons and Action Steps to teach you exactly what you need to know and do (without a bunch of time-wasting filler) so you quickly enroll clients into your new program – plus bonus quick start guides, checklists and step-by-step processes to help you create massive results fast.
  • Seven 45-minute Private Mentoring and Implementation Sessions (via phone, Zoom or Skype) focused on helping you implement new skills, design your premium signature program, create your program marketing copy, implement client acquisition strategies, leverage your opportunities, answer questions and challenge you to accelerate your business and personal growth.
  • My personal feedback and input at every step to quickly move you forward. Your specific “homework” assignments, program design, content, marketing materials, client enrollment processes and more receive my personal attention and feedback every week. As a priority client, you get the kind of support you need to be successful!
  • Structured Accountability Systems to keep you on track, quickly make necessary adjustments and measure your progress along the way. You’ll submit assignments for feedback, share your commitments for the week and complete trackers that I’ll use it to identify (and help you overcome) any trouble spots. I give you hands-on support and accountability so you can get everything you came for!
  • “Done For You” Resources for Quick Implementation (templates, fill-in-the-blank forms, checklists, scripts and examples). These “plug and play” resources alone save you an immense much time, money and frustration so you can finally get your work to more of the people who need and want it most.
  • Four (4) 15-Minute “Just in Time” Calls for support when you need it most
  • Priority email access for quick questions during your program period
  • Recordings of all private mentoring sessions that you can go back to for insight and inspiration. (Sessions held via Zoom and the MP3 audio recording will be given to you.)

What’s the program investment?

 $4997 USD. Payment options are available.

Is your program really worth it?

Absolutely! But don’t take me on my word alone. Read about what some of my clients have to say by clicking here.

If you want others to see the value of investing their time and money with you, you must be able to see the value of investing your time and money with the right mentors and programs that will help you get the results you desire. Too often in life we get what we pay for and that holds true with programs, too. I’ve learned that the hard way myself.

I’ll ask you this: How much is it worth to you to have someone take you by the hand and personally guide you through creating a signature program that genuinely reflects who you are, helps position you as an expert in your field, gets your clients outstanding results (so you create clients who refer you to their friends) and which will be your business’s income-generating superstar for years to come? I can’t answer that question for you, but I can say that my clients believe I help them get stellar results that are more than worth the investment they make to work with me.


Why should I work with you, Christine?

How many times have you felt that you have MORE inside of you… more to share and give than you currently are… but you just don’t know exactly how to go about doing it in a way that supports the lifestyle you desire?

How many nights have you stayed up burning the midnight oil because you're desperate to somehow make your business work so you don't have to go back to a 9-to-5 job you hate?

How many times have you felt so frustrated or burned out by trying to make a living doing what you love that you’ve almost given up?

I’ve been there… in the space of desperately wanting to do work each day that fills my heart with joy, powerfully serves others and which still affords me the lifestyle I want… of wanting to build a legacy of profound, positive change in the world... of trying a variety of different methods and “solutions” to try to gain momentum and see my desires become reality… and of feeling like a failure time and time again.

Maybe you’ve resolved to get your business on track and you’ve enrolled in a program or attended a seminar (or two or three) where you were taught powerful information… and then you did nothing with it or got very few results.  I've done that, too. Over the years I invested in at least a dozen live and online programs that I started with good intentions and which ended up gathering dust with little to show for all the time and money spent. In spite of all my efforts, I struggled day in and day out to make progress by turning the program learning into real world results and I beat myself up for it for a long time.

Then I realized something that changed everything...

It's hard to change without powerful motivators and a support system that will help you implement new learning and success strategies. You can have the most miraculous information at your fingertips and still fail to get the results you desire because the human brain is physically hard-wired not to change. We have to overcome millions of years of evolutionary programming to break free of patterns that keep us stuck in comfortably mediocrity at best and on a treadmill of disempowering and destructive patterns at worst.

It’s hard to short circuit these evolutionary limitations, but it’s not impossible.

Here’s the critical key that makes all the difference – it’s the secret power move to turn around and win a seemingly lost battle: support and accountability.

You must have the support of someone who will hold your feet to the fire when old patterns attempt to sabotage your progress, you get stuck in the “I don’t know” trap, or you simply feel like giving up. Once I decided to invest in getting the kind of personal attention and hands-on help I needed - and believed that I was worth investing in at the level - that's when my life changed dramatically and I started seeing real, lasting results.

The personal philosophy that guides all of my work and is the foundation of my programs is simple: Your success serves not only you but others in the highest way. Money and meaning are not exclusive… In fact, they are partners for immense positive personal and global empowerment.

I believe that we all have a Divine purpose to fulfill, unique gifts to share and certain people to serve during our lifetimes. When you prosper in business and create wealth, your ability to fulfill your soul’s purpose and help others is greatly enhanced. In the hands of heart-centered entrepreneurs, wealth is a powerful, transformative tool to help lift others and empower them to fulfill their Divine purposes. The more you prosper, the greater is the number of people who can be uplifted.

The world needs new models of enlightened wealth and entrepreneurship.  Conscious entrepreneurs like you who prosper by sharing their unique brilliance, truly helping and serving others and who prosper while doing the work they love are a powerful driving force for good in the world.

That’s why I structure my programs to be hands-on, fully-supported, action-taking experiences that I know give my clients the very best opportunities to be not only successful but far more successful than they thought they could ever be.

I’ve created this program to guide you through implementing proven strategies that enable you to serve people in a more powerful way, attract and enroll your ideal clients into your transformative premium signature program, grow your business faster, breakthrough to higher levels of personal prosperity and create a bigger impact in the world than you ever have before.

You can read all about me and the experience I bring to working with my clients here.

I’ve already tried to create a program/course and it was too hard / too time consuming / too confusing, so I never finished it.

I understand. You’ve tried to create more time and income leverage in your business by launching your own program or course, but you may have struggled to get your ideas “down on paper” or weren’t sure how to translate the transformation you provide to your clients into a step-by-step system, so you got stuck and never finished creating your program.

Or perhaps you spent a ton of time creating and marketing a program that no one bought (Ouch!).

There are a lot of mistakes you can make that will cost you a lot of time, money and energy if you don't know how to create your signature program the right way the first time. I've been there and done that! I want to help you avoid the costly lessons I learned the hard way.

I want to help you step into your greatness as others have helped me step into mine… and I know that if you show up fully in the program and do the work as directed, you’ll get results.

Take Jennifer, who had poured time, money and energy into launching her new business for over a year and still didn’t have a program to sell or a single paying client. I’ll be frank: Her business was a money pit! After I showed her how to create her signature program and enroll clients before she had even finished creating it, she signed up her very first premium clients and made over $13,000. And she’s just getting started!

I’m a new. I don’t know what to offer people that that they will want and pay for.

Knowing what your ideal clients will pay for – and pay higher fees for – is key to your business’s success. You could spend months creating a program and pour your heart into it, but if you can’t sell it – if no one wants it – then not only will you have wasted a ton of your time and energy, but you’ll be even more stressed out about money and may feel like giving up.

Don’t let that happen to you! I teach you through a process that gives you a kind of crystal ball into your ideal client’s mind so you can create a signature program she will want and happily pay for. Then I help you take all of that information and turn it into an offer that leverages your unique brilliance and which your ideal clients will say YES to.

Karolina is a perfect example of someone who was brand new in business and quickly booked paying clients with my help. She dreamed of helping people change their mindsets and bust through fear to pursue their dreams – something she’d naturally done all her life – but she wasn’t sure how to make the leap to being a Mindset Coach. . Working together we first created her irresistible offer and structure for her signature program. Armed with just those two things, she enrolled her first two clients at premium prices within a couple of weeks!

I’m not an expert yet. No one will enroll in my program or pay premium fees to work with me.

Having your own signature program is the #1 way to quickly change how your potential clients perceive you from inexperienced newbie to true expert. People feel comfortable and can see the value in investing in step-by-step systems with clear benefits and results. When you clearly communicate the real value of what you do, have an offer that your ideal clients find irresistible and create a powerful program for helping your clients get amazing results, you’ll book the kind of clients happy to make the investment to work with you at higher fees – just like Jan has – because they’re confident the results are far more valuable than the cost of your program. She signed up her first premium $2500 per month client half-way through completing the program!

My clients won't pay premium fees for my services.

Did you know that, statistically, up to 20% of your clients will sign up to work with you only if you offer a premium level of service? This is also where the 80-20 rule comes into play: 20% of your clients will provide 80% of your business revenue, so why not focus on them and leave the others to be served by someone else?

The alternative is to offer lower-priced products and services… but you have to sell a TON of them! Truthfully, the numbers don’t work unless you’ve got tens of thousands of subscribers you can market to and you’re constantly bringing hundreds of new prospects in the door. And if you don’t have these things and you’re offering your services on the cheap, that’s a recipe for a failing business. Everyone loses out if you have to close your business… not just you, but also your clients and the people you’re meant to help.

Once you do have your thriving six-figure business, that’s the time to look at creating additional, lower-priced programs to help “the masses”, if that’s what you choose to do. There’s a very important word to notice here: choice. When you have a thriving business and are financially stable, you have more choices and options for how and who you want to help. Remember, the airline pilot always tells the passengers to put on their own oxygen masks first! (It’s also great business advice!)

When you own your worth and earn in proportion to the value you give, your confidence grows, your personal power grows and your life will change in amazing ways you can't even predict right now above and beyond the money.

Money is pretty tight right now. I've invested in a lot of programs / training already. I don't know if I can swing this.

I get it. I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in a variety of programs and training over the years (and I still invest thousands of dollars every year in programs). Over the years I’ve seen a lot of good programs and bad ones, too, and over the years I’ve gotten smarter about which programs I choose to invest in. In my experience I’ve found that most online or home-study programs are actually not that helpful.

Why? Certainly one of the reasons is they’ve ended up sitting on my shelf or on my hard drive without being used! I’m not perfect and I’m not immune to the influences of primal human psychology, which says, “Stay comfortable! Don’t change!”  With most online courses or self-study programs, it’s way too easy to set them aside to get to “someday” (which, of course, never comes) or start the program and never finish it.

That’s why it’s so critically important to invest in programs with mentors who not only guide you step-by-step through the learning content, but who also hold you accountable for doing the work and taking action. Learning without action amounts to very little, especially in business. This program not only gives you the know-how and the tools you need, it empowers you to quickly take aligned action and create results quickly.

Plus, one of the best parts is that when you use the strategies I teach you to create and launch your premium signature program, you’ll attract premium clients and quickly add large amounts of cash flow to your business with little to no marketing budget or other expenses required to do so. I can’t think of another strategy with that kind of earning potential which requires virtually no cash outlays. Enrolling only two or three clients a month in your higher-fee signature program sets you up for a six-figure year. You can do that, right? I know you can (if for no other reason, that this strategy has worked for thousands of others in the personal transformation, health and wellness, coaching, spirituality, healing arts and so-called “woo-woo” industries)!

I don't have a list or a website. Can I make this work for me?

YES! Contrary to what you've likely been told, offering a higher-fee signature program is the very first thing you need to be doing before sinking tons of time and money into your website, building your email list, creating free content and offering low-cost online programs or courses for the “masses”.

Too many marketing "gurus" focus on one thing: building your mailing list. Here’s the truth: it takes TIME to build a list unless you’ve got major connections with huge lists of their own who are willing to help you out. Most entrepreneurs starting out don’t have those kinds of connections. And, unless you have a premium program to offer and testimonials from high-end clients, you’ll have a hard time making much money from your list, anyway. So, yes, building your list is important, but it shouldn’t be what you focus a lot of your time and effort on in the beginning.

I know this runs completely counter to what you've probably heard from the "gurus," but if you think about it, it just makes sense. All you need to get a new premium client is a well-designed signature program, a killer offer and the right enrollment process – all of which I teach you in this program.

I'm not sure if this will work for my clients or in my industry. I don't teach people how to make money.

Take a look around. Every business has the opportunity to offer a premium level of service. Even airlines have been doing it for years!

And while you're looking, don't forget your own industry. There are always people who offer their services at the low end and people who offer services at the high end. I know many people at both ends of the spectrum and I can tell you without a doubt that those who offer premium programs and services are less stressed, more joyful and have waiting lists of people wanting to work with them. That can be you!

In every industry, there are those who charge a little (and struggle to find clients who will pay), and those who charge a lot and get it. Which do you want to be? No matter what, it's important for you to decide and not leave your income and success up to chance.

I work with clients who don’t have a lot of discretionary income.

That may be true… and yet people will invest in the right program with the right mentor to solve their urgent problems. I did it myself when I didn’t have two nickels to rub together (I invested over $11,000 in a program at the time). It was the single most important decision I made to get myself out of massive debt, create incredible transformation and up-level my life across the board. In fact, I never would have had the opportunity to work with T. Harv Eker and his cohorts if I hadn’t invested in his programs. (And what a HUGE missed opportunity that would have been!).

Please also realize that you don’t need to serve everyone… in fact, it’s much better if you don’t even try to! You only need to attract a small percentage of the population that are committed, willing to invest in themselves and who you can uniquely serve best. 

I’ve still got questions.

Great! I’ve got answers! Send me an email with your questions and I’ll get back to you personally. Email me at