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Welcome to the Successful Women Entrepreneurs online community! This group was created just for YOU, the go-getting, making-your-dreams-happen woman entrepreneur. You want to make an impact… and a mountain of money, too. 

I believe you can be wildly successful in business in a way that supports the kind of life you want to have, whether that's spending more time with your family, traveling the world or simply having the freedom to do more of what matters most to you.

I see true success as something that only happens when you're happy and balanced in all areas of your life, especially as you build and grow your business. That's why I don't pigeon-hole what I share just into the category of "business advice".

While I definitely share smart practical business strategies and advice, I also dive deep into powerful mindset, spiritual and manifestation principles that help you get more visible, grow your business and create a life you truly LOVE.

As an entrepreneur, YOU are your business when you're starting out and stay the heart of it as you scale, so it only makes sense that up-leveling YOU would help your business grow (and help you have a lot of fun along the way!).

The Successful Women Entrepreneurs community is a safe place for women entrepreneurs to talk about what lights you up, all things entrepreneurship, the sometimes messy intersection of raising a family and business at the same time. This is a place to learn, celebrate wins and find support when you need it. And, it’s a place for you to talk about all the stuff that your family and offline friends just don’t “get” about you and your passions (because in this community, we do!).

Before you dive in and start posting, please read these Group Rules and Posting Guidelines in their entirety.

Because here’s the thing: We roll with a strict set of rules in here in order to maintain the integrity and value of this group.

I understand that “accidents” happen, but if you break the rules more than once, you’re out. No exceptions.

It's my passion to support you in having a thriving business you love and a life you love even more! Success without sacrificing what matters most to you - that’s what this group is all about helping you do. 

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Shine Brilliantly!


I’ll be inside the group sharing my best advice, hosting special trainings and interacting with you.

As a member, you have multiple opportunities each week to share your own trainings and promote your business in a value-centered way. You can share your value-added trainings and resources on the appropriate days, according to the posting guidelines below.

If you start spamming or post content that isn’t appropriate, your posts will be removed and you will be banned from the group. This is so the group stays high-value and a safe space for everyone.


To add structure, additional support and accountability, each day will have a theme and corresponding hashtag so you can find what you're looking for.

Please adhere to the posting guidelines - full details in the files section of the group. * No livestreaming or promotion inside the group allowed except on the designated days.* (A “promotional” post is anything that includes a link to a freebie where an opt-in is required, has your name or company name on it, includes your branding or talks about buying or selling something.) No promoting other Facebook groups, even on promo days. (It’s just not cool, capiche?)

Inspiration, giving support and asking for help are always okay!

Being a jerk, spamming in the group and derogatory comments are NOT allowed and won't be tolerated.

Note that members who ignore the guidelines will be banned in order to preserve the integrity of the group.


Mondays: MAKE IT HAPPEN (#makeithappen) - Goals + actions for the week.

Tuesdays: TRAINING (#training) - *PROMO + LIVESTREAMING OK* Add value to the group by sharing or doing a FREE training

Wednesdays: WINS (#wins) - Celebrate your wins (and others’ wins, too!)

Thursdays: HOT TIPS - (#tip) - Share your best tips and strategies.

Fridays: FIND IT (#find)- What are you looking for? 

Saturdays: SHARE IT (#share) - * PROMO OK* Share what you’re working on, your freebie, latest blog post, etc.
Sundays: INSPIRATION (#inspiration) - What inspires you + share some inspiration.

Any day: New to the group? Introduce yourself using #introduce. Also asking for help, asking questions, being of service and inspiring posts are always okay, as long as they don’t cross the line into promotion. 

SUGGESTIONS and requests

Have something you'd love to see happen in this group? Let me know about it! This group is here for YOU! Create a post in the group with your ideas and tag me @ChristineParma.


**Note: Christine Parma and C-NIC LLC is not responsible for any advice given by members, any working relationships, partnerships, purchases or decisions you make as a result of being in this group. Please exercise caution and discretion when making investments or choosing to work with any member you meet in here.