You’re passionately committed to doing work that sets your heart on fire...

... supports the kind of life you want to have and makes a big difference beyond the dollars it puts in your bank account. 

You’re determined to build a wildly successful business without sacrificing everything that matters along the way. 

And, even though you may not have the business and life you dream about yet, you’re ambitious, highly motivated and you know that with the right mentor, you’ll get there.

But there are just a couple of problems...

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You’re drowning in “how to” information without being able to piece it all together.

People don't seem to "get" what you do or they don't understand the value of your work, so you're hearing crickets when you make your offer

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And you’re starting to wonder if things are ever going to start clicking for you so you can finally have the amazing business and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

You think, “Why does it have to be so hard?!

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Here's the Truth:
It doesn't have to be so hard for you.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to fill in a few missing pieces, help you make a critical mindset shift or give you support you need to for it to all start working beautifully.

You know that NOW is your time and you’re ready to do what it takes to make your dreams happen!

I was already doing "okay" in my business, but I didn't know my next steps to start bringing in income quickly. Christine helped me get clear on which income-generating activities I should be doing and which services I should be offering to grow my business. I now have my personal, step-by-step plan for reaching my business goals! - Jen Phillips April, Write Words Marketing
Christine Parma-Online Business Strategist and Soul-Aligned Success Coach-silver

Hi, I’m Christine!

I help ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you build wildly successful, soul-fulfilling businesses they love and lives they love even more.

By combining smart business strategies and powerful mindset principles, I help you get more clients and get paid what you’re worth to do the work you love without working 24/7 or sacrificing what matters most to you. 

If you haven’t worked with me before, know this: I’m passionately committed to your success! When entrepreneurs who are ready to make a bigger income and impact partner with me, they achieve amazing results that exceed their own expectations.

That’s exactly what I’m here to help YOU do and why I created... 

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Passion, Launch, Profits!

… a step-by-step program that guides you through (re)launching and growing your business with more ease, joy and profits!

When you join the Passion, Launch, Profits! program, you'll learn how to launch your work into the world in ways that are highly effective and align with your values, quickly fill your calendar with dream clients, and implement systems that leverage your time and efforts so you have space for the personal things that matter most to you, too.

Imagine what it would be like to...

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Have mountains of confidence in the immense value you offer and outstanding results you get your clients so you can fearlessly ask for - and get paid - what you’re worth

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Know exactly which programs, packages and products you need to offer - and HOW to offer them - to bring droves of ideal clients in the door

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Be free from the crushing weight of overwhelm and frustration you feel around launching and growing your business… and instead be crystal clear on exactly what you need to do every day to reach your big goals faster

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Have more than enough clients… and the ones that are truly “dream client” status… so you’ll never have to go back to another 9-to-5 job you can’t stand

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Know precisely which “right and perfect for you” marketing and revenue-generating activities you need to focus on to authentically build your brand, grow your audience and book loads of amazing clients in a way that aligns with your values 

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Implement the systems you really need to run your business (and axe the ones you don’t) so you can get out of overwhelm, leverage automation and spend your time where it gets the biggest results

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Have enough time to work on your business, spend time with your loved ones and take care of yourself so you don’t burn out in the process of making your entrepreneurial dreams happen

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Overcome disempowering belief patterns and strengthen your wealth consciousness to finally create the financial prosperity and the lifestyle you desire

By the end of this program, you’ll have no more doubt about the value you bring to the table. No more confusion about what to do. No more toughing it out alone.

You’ll have the know-how and inner confidence to create the business and life you’ve been dreaming of and, most importantly, you’ll be putting it to work as you go so you can see big results fast.

"She's a miracle worker!"

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Christine was the behind-the-scenes miracle worker for managing the money, websites, clients and logistics for my world-class Private Circle retreats and Rich Life Club membership site. She is the rare person who can handle every detail needed to make it happen... and all with integrity and heart. If you have the chance to work with her, go for it! "  - T. Harv Eker, NY Times Best-selling Author & Personal Development Guru

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Here’s how you’ll get exceptional results

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Business-Building Strategies + Focused Action Steps

The program’s core curriculum gives you specific strategies delivered as results-focused lessons and implementation how-to’s that work in any business and which are designed to fit into an already-busy schedule. I cut out the fluff so you can implement quickly while skipping over the mistakes that can derail you. Plus, you’ll learn how to manage your time so you can stop the crazy juggling act and have the time you need to work on your business without sacrificing everything that’s important to you in the process.

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Powerful Mindset & Spiritual Principles

Maybe you’ve been trying to launch and grow your business and you're spending long hours doing all the “right” business things, but the clients and money you desire still aren’t showing up.  Or perhaps you go through periods with a lot of forward momentum, only to fall back into scarcity thinking, crippling procrastination and you all but give up. If you can relate, you’ve most likely have been working against deeply ingrained belief patterns you’re not even aware of… and they’ve been sabotaging your efforts. This program shows you how to use critical mindset and spiritual principles to clear away limiting patterns and energize your creative manifestation powers. (Note: these principles are not associated with any particular religion and are applicable to everyone, no matter what business you’re in.)

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Expert Coaching, Implementation Support + Accountability

Step by step I’ll help you grow your business with smart strategies, lessons and advice that get straight to the heart of what you need to know and do now to create a profitable business doing what you love. You'll keep moving forward with structured accountability and a curriculum designed to help you create quick wins and make consistent progress. And if you're joining the program during a live round or you choose to enroll at a level that includes private coaching calls, you'll receive an extra dose of personal feedback, support and accountability.

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Done-for-you “Short-Cut” Resources

Why take the slow and hard road of trying to figure it all out on your own when you can do it faster, better and more easily with my done-for-you resources? You’ll get dozens of step-by-step worksheets, swipe files, time-saving templates, critical checklists, audio downloads, easy-to-follow video lessons and "tech-made-easy" tutorials that help you quickly book more clients and bank more business profits. These save you an immense amount of time and help you avoid the steep and costly learning curve that causes so many businesses to fail.

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Technology can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a “non-techie” at heart! I’ll show you the technology you truly need to use (so you can forget about the tech tools you don’t), plus give you additional support and insider strategies on how to get it all setup and running quickly.

If you're interested in personal, one-on-one coaching through the program's curriculum, please send an email to and we'll be in touch to set up a time to chat.

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By the end of the program, you’ll have the strategies, systems and tools - plus the essential wealth consciousness -  to get your heart work out into the world in a big way and make serious income doing it.

Who’s this program right for?

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The Passion, Launch, Profits! program is for you ONLY if you’re fiercely committed to your own success and happiness.

This results-focused program is for you if:

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You know you're meant to contribute to the world in a way that's bigger and more meaningful than what you're currently doing... and you're determined to make it happen.

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You're committed to building and growing a wildly successful online business that aligns with your values and supports the kind of life you want to have.

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You want structure, guidance and step-by-step systems that show you exactly what to do so you can make big leaps forward without the stress and overwhelm.

You are just getting started in your business - or you’ve been in business for awhile but you’re still not making $5k - $10k a month consistently -  and your gut is telling you you're meant to do this

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You are done with messing around trying to figure it out on your own, spending money on tools you don't need and wasting precious weeks doing things that don't get you clients... 

Then this program is for you.

I know that by now you have a feeling about whether this program is truly a right fit for you.

If you have butterflies in your stomach in the good kind of way that says you’re about to do something amazing - even if your mind is saying, "Yeah, but... [insert excuse]" - then this program is for you.

Or you may just intuitively know that this is the right next step for you. 

Or, you may simply be sick and tired of working hard in a 9-to-5 job that doesn’t allow you to thrive spiritually, emotionally and financially.

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Everything you desire lies just outside of your current comfort zone, waiting for you to claim it.

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When you put off doing what you know you need to do and what is right for you, you put off all of those other things you can gain from doing this work… the vacations, the more comfortable lifestyle, the making money doing what you’re truly passionate about.

If you want results fast, if you’re willing to be okay with being a little uncomfortable as you’re pushed to grow outside your comfort zone and if you’re willing to make decisions and take aligned action, then everything you want is possible. All you have to do is say yes to the path and actions that will get you what you want! 

There's nobody better to help you discover and capitalize on your worth than Christine. She has a way of pulling out the best in her clients and a long track record of doing it. Do yourself a favor. Stop thinking about working with her and take the opportunity to do it! - Traci Brown, Body Language and Persuasion Expert

Smart Biz Strategies + Powerful Mindset = Amazing Results for You

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Establish a Rock-Solid Foundation to Launch Your Dreams into Reality

The first step to creating the business and life of your dreams is to establish a rock-solid foundation by sealing up energetic and money leaks so you can receive and keep the money that comes in. You’ll also learn and implement a daily practice that acts like adding rocket fuel to your ability to manifest your goals and which will dramatically change your life (and business) in amazing ways.

Module 2.png

Design a Business that Works for Your Life

In this module we’re diving into how to intentionally and consciously create the business and life you desire. You’ll get really clear on what your ideal business and life look like and then go through a process that supports you creating that reality faster and with more ease. You’ll also create your Wild Success Schedule, which will help you get the things done that you need to but without a bunch of stress, overwhelm and burn-out.

Module 3.png

Get Ready to Receive Amazing Clients & Money

Love sharing your passion and serving clients but feel overwhelmed by tech? No worries! I show you the essential systems that makes booking and managing your clients and your business so much easier, complete with tech tutorials! We also dive into knowing your business numbers and a better way to set goals that makes achieving them a lot easier.

Module 4.png

Create Red-Hot Offers that Grab People by their Eyeballs, Hearts & Wallets

If you don’t have a red-hot offer that deeply connects with your dream clients, you’ll struggle to make any sales! And if you don’t know what people really want and are willing to pay for, you can’t very well create a compelling offer. In this module I show you how to get inside the heads of your dream clients and find out exactly what they desperately want so you can give it to them. Learn how to integrate your personal stories into your messaging and persuasively talk about your work and your value, both on a sales page and in person, in a way that has people whipping out their wallets. Plus, you’ll finally get the answer to “How much should I charge?” using a step-by-step pricing formula that empowers you to charge what you're worth.

Module 5.png

Marketing & Visibility Strategies that Work Like Magic

With 1001 strategies and tactics out there you could be doing, marketing can feel overwhelming and downright intimidating. Forget complicated and expensive funnels that require a team of experts to make happen. I show you uncomplicated marketing and visibility strategies that work like magic to grow your audience, get you booked and put money in your bank account. You choose the ones that best fit your personality, goals and time-frame and I show you exactly what you need to do. And the best part?  You don’t need to hire a team of experts or spend a dime on ads! 

Module 6.png

Sales Made Easy

Who says having sales conversations and enrolling new clients has to be hard? Confidence, ease and working with more dream clients is what you’ll have after implementing the lessons in this module. You’ll discover how to invite people to work with you from a place of authenticity and heart that leads to a lot more of the right-and-perfect-clients saying “Yes!” to you. Discover how to overcome the most common objections without feeling pushy and while being of true service to the other person. Plus, you’ll overcome what’s stopping you from feeling fully confident in making the ask. Ditch the sweaty palms, nervous butterflies and wondering what to say! Get smart business advice, step-by-step how-to’s, scripts, follow-up swipe copy and deep mindset shifts, all designed to make sales easy for you.

Module 7.png

Implement Processes, Systems & Automation to Grow Your Business Faster

Now that you’re enrolling clients left and right, you’ll want to get certain time- and effort-saving processes and systems in place so you can continue to grow your business and attract new clients even as you get busier serving current clients (and avoid the dreaded feast and famine cycle). But sorting out which tools to you and how to do it right can be time-consuming, overwhelming and oh-so-painful! I know first-hand the struggles of the those who aren’t naturally “tech talented” (that’s me!). Let the thousands of hours I’ve spent learning the ropes benefit you with “systems made simple” lessons and tutorials that show you how to get these first systems set up, even if you’re a total technophobe! 

We’ll be covering list-building first steps, time-saving strategies and tech tools that make business-building easier. Plus, I’ll show you how to create a freebie your dream clients will salivate over, including examples of my own lead magnets and opt-in pages that are converting between 60 - 93% of viewers into high-quality subscribers (and future clients!). (Note: This isn’t an overwhelming deep-dive on setting up complicated sales funnels. You’ll learn the essential steps to setting up your first simple but powerful client-attraction and list-growing systems with the time-saving help of a *few* tech tools.)


* Since this is a live round of the program, I reserve the right to add in even more value and resources that support your business and personal success. *

Want results like this?

Watch the video to see the kinds of results you can get just from ONE of the strategies you'll learn.

Enrollment in Passion, Launch, Profits! is currently closed.

If you're interested in personal, one-on-one coaching through the program's curriculum, please send an email to and we'll be in touch to set up a time to chat.


You don’t have to Do. It. All. to make money doing what you love.

In fact, trying to do it all is what makes you feel overwhelmed and is what gets in the way of you actually being successful in your business!

Star icon-solid yellow-50x50.png

You just have to do the FEW RIGHT THINGS that will allow you to have the kind of business and life you dream about. That's exactly what you learn in this program.

You get quick, actionable lessons and steps that fit into any schedule and which work for any business (I’ll show you how).

You won’t be left wondering if you’re doing the right thing because it’s all laid out for you in a step-by-step format.

Plus, you get easy-to-follow instructions and expert guidance in the areas that will make the biggest difference in the least amount of time, plus the energy and support of an amazing community of making-my-dreams-happen entrepreneurs just like you.

You won’t have to justify your dreams and goals or try to explain yourself so that people finally “get” the work you’re doing… because we already do.

In this program, you’re among your business soulmates.

Christine gave me the courage to take a leap and share a VIP offering with a potential client, who was thrilled to have the opportunity to work together in that way. This was my first high-end offering and I can honestly say it would not have happened if it weren’t for her. - Lanette Pottle, Success Coach

Frequently Asked Questions


+ How long is the Passion, Launch, Profits! program?

The program is right now being offered as an 8-week live coaching and implementation intensive. There are 7 "active" weeks and one "off" implementation and catch-up week so you can make major progress with launching and growing your business without being overwhelmed by the process.

+ How do I access the program materials?

You'll get access to each module's lessons and materials (video lessons, downloadable audios, worksheets, checklists, scripts, and other done-for-you materials) on the Monday of each week. Everything can be accessed through my online learning center. Once you have joined the program and made your payment, you will receive your login information.

During live rounds of the group program, live coaching calls will be held 2 - 3 days after each module's materials are unlocked in the online learning center. Recordings of the live calls will be uploaded and accessible to you within 48 hours. Additional resources, like special bonuses, will be uploaded to the site or announced on the site or via email (like in the case of special bonus training calls).

For private clients, a custom schedule will be established. If you're interested in personal, one-on-one coaching through the program's curriculum, please send an email to and we'll be in touch to set up a time to chat.

+ How often will we have the live coaching and implementation calls?

All members of the live group program can participate in the 7 live group calls. All live calls will be recorded and uploaded into the learning center for you to access.

In addition, if you join as a Diamond member, you will receive private coac hing calls with Christine, which will be scheduled during the 8-week program period.

If you're interested in personal, one-on-one coaching through the program's curriculum, please send an email to and we'll be in touch to set up a time to chat.

+ How much feedback and support will I get?

As a Gold member, you have access to our private online community where you can ask questions, receive and give support and get input from me. You also have the opportunity to receive "hot seat" coaching from me during the live group calls. You may also receive additional support and coaching, depending on the bonuses that were offered and you are eligible for.

As a Diamond member, I'm all up in your business! :-) You receive additional support, feedback and accountability through private coaching and implementation calls with me and email + Voxer access for quick help throughout the entire 8-week program period. It amounts to almost 24/7 support and accountability to keep you consistently making progress and seeing fast results! You may also receive additional support and coaching, depending on the bonuses that were offered and you are eligible for.

See the list of program benefits available to you at the time you're joining the program. From time to time I offer special bonuses only available for a limited time, so if you see a bonus you're excited about, be sure to join while it's still being offered!

If you're interested in personal, one-on-one coaching through the program's curriculum, please send an email to and we'll be in touch to set up a time to chat.

+ How is this program different from other “launch and grow your business” programs or courses?

Most business-building programs out there are all "business and marketing" and simply don’t address one of the most critical aspects of being a successful entrepreneur: the essential mindset work that's the foundation of everything else you do to build your business. But this program does.

The truth is that your mindset, unconscious patterns and belief systems affect everything you think and do, and, therefore, affect how easy or difficult it is for you to attract clients, make money and follow through with the practical activities of growing your business.

If you’re working really hard, but not seeing many (or any) results…

If you make money and then it’s quickly gone…

If you start off strong going after a goal, but can’t seem to follow-through with what you’ve set out to do…

These are some of the sneaky ways your subconscious patterns can pull the rug out from under you. And, then there are the more obvious ways: fear, doubt, uncertainty, confusion, procrastination.

EVERYONE has unconscious patterns and mindsets that affect them. The people who are able to achieve high levels of success do the work to change their patterns and beliefs that getting in their way so they can BE the person who HAS what they desire. The BE-ing is just as important as the doing... always!

One of the biggest differences between this program and other business-building programs is that I know the huge importance of doing the inner work alongside implementing smart business strategies. I’ve experienced amazing and profound changes in my own life as a result of the deep inner work and my studies of Neurolinguistic Patterning (NLP), manifestation principles and a breadth of spiritual practices over more than 20 years. I've collaborated with some of the top names in the business and personal development industry. And I bring the best of what I’ve learned and what has worked for me and my private clients to the work we do as part of Passion, Launch, Profits!

+ Can’t I just figure all this out on my own?

Sure, of course you can! If you have the time and money to spare, you can certainly read a ton of free information, piece together your own strategy and try out a bunch of tactics to see what works. Some people spend years trying to launch and build their businesses and eventually do succeed. That’s definitely one way you can do it… but it’s the harder and slower way.

Think about what the world's top professional athletes do. They hire coaches to bring out the best in them, to tell them what they can’t see for themselves and to continually give them feedback to be even better at what they do so they can rise to top quickly and stay there (and make a lot of money, too). Maria Sharapova has a natural talent for playing an amazing game of tennis, but without coaches to help her hone her skills and play the game so she wins more often than not, she wouldn’t be one of the world’s best tennis players. That’s also why ambitious entrepreneurs determined to quickly grow their businesses invest in programs and coaches who can help them reach their goals faster and win more often than they lose in the process of building their businesses.

The alternative - continuing to try to figure it all out on your own - will only get you more of the results you’re already gotten… plus it can be overwhelming, waste a lot of time you can’t spare and, frankly, be far more expensive in the long run as the costly mistakes pile up.

I know you’re smart enough to figure it all out on your own… and you’re also smart enough to know that smart people know the value of hiring experts to help so they can see a return on their time, effort and money investments faster. When you want to do something as important as launch and grow a business based on the work you’re divinely meant to do in the world, it’s smart to hire someone to show you easier and faster way, plain and simple.

+ I’m not sure if I have time for this right now.

People like to think that there will be a more “perfect” time at some point in the future to launch their business or kick growth into high gear. Once the holidays are past… or the kids are back in school… or you’ve booked a few clients… or life slows down a bit… letting these excuses talk you out of making a smart move is one of the most common ways people end up YEARS down the road and realize they’re no farther ahead.

They haven’t gotten any closer to launching a business doing what they love or making consistent money at it. Or they’re still stuck in the feast and famine cycle that tears at your resolve to keep going. Or it’s how they end up going back to the 9-5 job they hate.

If YOU don’t make time to do the things in your business (and life) that will get you to where you want to be, then you’ll stay stuck being where you DON’T want to be.

Is it worth 8 weeks of your time and effort to create a truly thriving business that allows you to do what you love every day? Is it worth your time to take the short-cut to having a business that beautifully supports the kind of lifestyle you want to have, allows you to take the afternoons off when your kids come home from school or gives you the financial resources to travel the world or pay for your kids’ college?

Only you can make that decision. Either way, you’re going to spend your time doing SOMETHING, so will it be doing more of the same that’s given you the results you’ve got… or will you invest your time into something that can give you the results you actually want?

+ What’s the investment to get started?

Enrollment in the group program is currently closed. You can join the list to get notified of when the program re-opens for enrollment by clicking on the "Get on the Waitlist" button on the page above.

If you're interested in personal, one-on-one coaching through the program's curriculum, please send an email to and we'll be in touch to set up a time to chat.

+ What’s the refund policy?

This is a live program in which I give in depth and comprehensive training, support and accountability. I show up 110% for my members… and I expect you to show up 110% for yourself. Without a deep level of commitment and dedication to getting yourself and your work out into the world in a big way, no matter how amazing the program is, you’ll struggle. I only want people who are ready to fully show up for themselves and the vision they hold for their lives to step into this program. Part of supporting you in showing up fully is not allowing you to back out on yourself as you may have done so previously. It’s for that reason that when you sign up for this program, you do so with 100% commitment. No refunds will be issued after your purchase… AND I will fully support you in being amazingly successful with implementing what’s covered in this program so you can quickly earn back your investment and a whole lot more!

+ Still have questions?

Still have a burning question? Email me at and we'll get back to you the next business day (Monday - Thursday, 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM UTC+7 (Asia))