Hi! I'm Christine, Intuitive Business Strategist + Life Transformation Coach.

I believe life and business are supposed to be fun, joyful and overflowing with an abundance of everything that makes your heart sing... and it's meant to be that way for you right now, not "someday" after you've "earned it" or "paid your dues".

Wasting years struggling, miserable or in a "funk" isn't any kind of way to spend your precious days. You're meant for way more than that.

Helping heart-centered go-getters just like you to let go of struggle, open up possibilities and step into the best and highest expressions of themselves is what inspires me every day to do what I do.

I combine smart, practical strategies with powerful mindset and spiritual transformation modalities, like transformational coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and energetic work inside your Akashic Records, to support you in creating meaningful success and a deeply fulfilling life with ease, grace and flow. Step by step I guide you through making the changes you need to go from overwhelmed, frustrated or living at less than your full potential to living an authentic, soul-aligned and rich life in every way.

If a holistic approach melding of science and spirituality to create rapid, lasting transformation sounds like it's right up your alley, then make yourself comfortable and let's get to know each other.

"She's a miracle worker!"

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Christine was the behind-the-scenes miracle worker for managing the money, websites, clients and logistics for my world-class Private Circle retreats and Rich Life Club membership site. She is the rare person who can handle every detail needed to make it happen... and all with integrity and heart. If you have the chance to work with her, go for it! "  - T. Harv Eker, NY Times Best-selling Author & Personal Development Guru

What can I help you with?



Create a red-hot offer that connects with your dream clients and gets them to buy!

activate your abundance

Clear out inner blocks and align with your Divine Abundance now!

grow your biz

Simple + effective strategies and support services for consistent sales + growth. 

I help you get RESULTS... fast!

The investment I made to work with Christine has more than paid for itself. I filled my first ever VIP Day and sold my first $2,000 program within 1 month of completing Christine's program. And within 4 months, I booked my first $10,000 client! - Jennifer Dunham, Happiness Coach
I was struggling with packaging up my spiritually based feminine finance expertise, in a coherent, bite sized way to teach, educate and empower women to stand in their own feminine and intuitive energy, to receive big money. When I came to Christine, I already knew she was the right person to help me get from one destination to the next. Working with Christine solved the headache of WHAT and HOW to create my signature programme, two of the major pieces I was stuck on. The results I had from the programme include clarity on designing two more smaller price point offers very rapidly, as well as feeling secure, confident and precious in my worth I bring to the world. I now have a solid converting offer and powerful set of programmes that bring me wonderful money doing great work in people's lives. – Nadia Arain, Wealth & Abundance Mentor