With Heart-Felt Gratitude

With everything I do, I strive to do the most good for the most people and am humbled when my efforts are recognized. I feel fortunate to have worked with so many outstanding people - individuals who are not only setting the bar in their areas of expertise but who also have deep, rich hearts.

I am blessed to know so many amazing souls who are blazing the path of enlightened entrepreneurship along with me and leaving their inspiring, indelible marks on the world. They are indeed making a big impact with the work they do and changing lives - and the world - in countless ways.

I will always be grateful for the friends I am making along the way, the teams who support me and the clients I have the pleasure of working with. You inspire me and enrich my life.

Thank you... and always Shine Brilliantly!

Here's What Some of My Amazing Clients Are Saying...


I went in feeling stuck in an endless cycle of shame with my business and how I was progressing with it. I’d hit a ceiling, didn't know how to progress and had so much doubt in my ability to turn things around.

Christine has a way of making you feel safe and protected through the process and is such a great messenger for the wisdom from the Records. She went into my Akashic Records to get insight on what it was that I needed in order to get unstuck. The message was something that I never would have seen for myself… and yet it was the exact thing that I needed to move forward. I woke up the next day feeling lighter, brighter, clearer. I’m jazzed. Complete. Full. And EXCITED to work on my business so I can powerfully show up and serve my clients.

And it gets even better! I’ve made two sales in the two days since my session with Christine, after an agonizing period of 2 months with no sales (which was the first time since I began my business 2 years ago that I hadn’t sold anything in a month). The “real world” changes are manifesting so fast! I highly recommend working with Christine if you’re feeling stuck, unsure or frustrated with your situation and you’re ready for deep inner transformation and meaningful, real-world results, too!

- Ellie McMillan, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Wellness Leader


I had a block around up-leveling my finances, relationships, and career (life purpose). I seemed to always get to a certain point and then hit a major roadblock, and I could never get further, especially in relationships. I have been seeking a partner that wants to do the inner work with me, truly show up, and connect with me in a deeper, more meaningful way. What kept being mirrored back to me was my own lack self-love and confidence, but I never knew what to do with that information.

I think we covered more ground in a one-hour session than I uncovered in 5 therapy sessions! I discovered that for me, what was keeping me stuck and frustrated all boiled down to self-worth and feeling abandoned by others and, ultimately, myself. During the session we cleared and shifted a lot of energy, and I received the deeper confirmation I needed to hear to move forward with ease. Now I feel lighter about everything and realize that shifting my vibration to a feeling of joy and wonder will heal me faster than any to-do list, chore, exercise or whatever other controlling thing I’ve tried in the past to work towards a goal. I feel free to play more and simply enjoy the ride along the way... and that is the small difference that makes ALL the difference for me.

So much has changed in just the past 3 months! Back then I remember feeling frustrated a lot, tired, and like I couldn’t get things to move forward. A lot of days feeling “stuck” and unhappy. Now, I feel expansive. Yes I still have days of slight contractions or even a little bit of “stuckness” but it is no longer the predominant daily experience in my life.

In all areas of my life, things are moving forward, opening up, and shifting in ways I couldn’t even have dreamed of! I’m now 6 months into my current position with a new firm, and I have just been promoted, received a raise and pushed through my glass ceiling on my belief of what I am worth and have the ability to earn.

As I’ve lightened up and become more playful, I’ve been calling in more interesting, playful, emotionally available men to date. I’ve had some phenomenal dates and met some truly remarkable men. I recently attended a work conference and presented to a group of over 100 people…when public speaking even a few months ago would likely never even have been a possibility. I’ve been more assertive, confident, and guided effortlessly to new experiences, people, and places that expand my experience in life.

It’s been a really fun ride and I look forward to what else the universe has in store for me! Thank you for your session, Christine! It was such a game changer for me!!

– Stephanie LaMania, Senior Consultant

When I met Christine, I had just barely started building my coaching business, and I had no clients yet. I knew what I wanted to share in the way of my message, but it was a pile of ideas at best and I was stuck. I didn't really know how to turn my ideas and experience into a signature program… plus I wasn’t really confident that people would ever work with me at higher fees!

Having an expert in my corner to help me transform my ideas into something more than just ideas was exactly what I needed, so I enrolled in her program and I’m so happy I did! Christine's program really gives you everything you could possibly need (and then some!). She kept me moving forward step by step with structured accountability, personal feedback and constant guidance so I could finally make money in my coaching business.

The investment I made to work with Christine has more than paid for itself! I filled my first ever VIP Day and sold my first $2,000 program within 1 month of completing Christine's program. And within 4 months, I booked my first $10,000 client! Not only am I now getting paid to do what I love, I'm sharing my message on a bigger scale and have been a guest on numerous telesummits and podcasts and featured in the Huffington Post (with more to come!).

I now have confidence in my ability to build a profitable coaching business. I have an irresistible offer that attracts my ideal clients and a powerful signature program that gets them real results! With Christine’s help, I’m now realizing my dream of being able to quit my day job and work from anywhere doing work I love! [Update from Christine: Jennifer now has a thriving, multi-six-figure coaching, speaking and live events business… and she did it in less than a year!]

- Jennifer Dunham, Profitable Lifestyle Coach
Harv Eker banner-SOMM.jpg

She’s a Miracle Worker!

Christine was the behind-the-scenes miracle worker for managing the money, websites, clients and logistics for my world-class Private Circle retreats and Rich Life Club membership site. She is the rare person who can handle every detail needed to make it happen... and all with integrity and heart. If you have the chance to work with her, go for it! "

– T. Harv Eker, NY Times Best-selling Author, World-Renowned Business & Personal Development Trainer


On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d give the session I had with Christine a 100 if I could! I had my Akashic Records read many months ago by someone else, and this experience with Christine was completely different. She is connected, she is authentic, and she is wildly intuitive. I have FULL faith in the words that were shared during our session. She made me feel comfortable and safe in a very vulnerable situation, which is a great thing because by the time I found Christine, I was in a really tough place in my life. I was wrestling with a lot of painful issues – disillusionment with my healing profession, confusion about my life’s purpose and loss of faith in myself.

I scheduled the session with Christine because I wanted career help, but what I got out of our time together was so much more than that. I couldn’t seem to find work that was aligned with my passions, and I felt like I was a fraud. The heaps of doubt and uncertainty about my abilities and purpose as a healer were tripping up my efforts to being successful at every turn. This made me feel unworthy, fake, scared, and full of fear.

Christine helped me view what I have been struggling with from a radically different perspective. She helped me connect with a deeply wounded part of myself, forgive her, and LOVE her, which dramatically changed my mindset about what I’d experienced almost 10 years ago that gave birth to the negative beliefs about my career. She then helped me clear a "vow” I’d made during that hard time and other energetic blocks that were sabotaging my career and entrepreneurial efforts. All of this was deeply emotional and incredibly empowering for me!

This experience has given me so much hope and healing! Working with my Record Keepers, Christine gave me guidance and FAITH that I am on my path, that I can trust my intuition, and that I am the healer I have always wanted to be. I know that I do not have to accept a job that does not align with who I truly am, and I know when I find the fit that matches up with me, the clients will flood in. I now FULLY trust that and am thrilled to continue this journey.

[Update: Two weeks after her session, Stefanie found the perfect-fit clinic for her to start helping people again. She's thrilled to be back to putting her healing gifts to work and feeling fully confident in her abilities.]

Stefanie Huseman, D.C.

Christine is an intuitive person who guides you from her heart. I was touched by her wisdom and lovely way of walking me into deep levels of my soul.

I was feeling lots of frustration regarding my business in terms of clarity, alignment to bring the right clients in and financial issues. During my session with Christine, I was able to get another layer of understanding of how the impostor syndrome has been affecting my business. Even though I was already aware of my struggles with this and that this was interfering in my business, during the session I finally understood exactly HOW it was playing out in my business and life (including how it was manifesting in physical pain I’ve struggled with).

Christine helped me make the shift from frustration to clarity, from feeling not good enough to self-love, and from external recognition to self-acceptance. And she also gave me a specific exercise that is going to help me in the process of deepening my self-love and self-acceptance.

The Akashic Records work was a magical journey of awakening by removing a lot of fears and stepping into my inner power and love. Without a doubt, these sessions with Christine are a 10 out of 10!

– Lina Carvajal, Life Coach, Therapist and Counsellor

I was struggling with packaging up my spiritually based feminine finance expertise, in a coherent, bite sized way to teach, educate and empower women to stand in their own feminine and intuitive energy, to receive big money. When I came to Christine, I already knew she was the right person to help me get from one destination to the next. Working with Christine solved the headache of WHAT and HOW to create my signature programme, two of the major pieces I was stuck on. The results I had from the programme include clarity on designing two more smaller price point offers very rapidly, as well as feeling secure, confident and precious in my worth I bring to the world. I now have a solid converting offer and powerful set of programmes that bring me wonderful money doing great work in people's lives.

– Nadia Arain, Wealth and Abundance Mentor

I had an Akashic Records reading session with Christine recently and it was such an insightful experience. I was getting a sense of feeling certain personal connections becoming blocked in my life and through the session with Christine, I found the answers I was looking for. The session created a stepping stone for me to understand where the blockage may have stemmed from and gave me clear direction for the next steps. Christine took her time to interpret the information coming from my Records and translate it into practical advice. Her ability to access, connect and then transform the messages into practical examples was so helpful.

– Tran B Huynh, Co-Founder at Mandala Wellness Center

I am totally in love with Christine and had a wonderful and life-changing session with her! I was struggling with attracting abundance in my life and was feeling very clueless about what steps to take next. During our session, I realized that I needed to do a lot of forgiveness work and Christine helped me understand how I was still unable to forgive a large part of my past, which was blocking me from taking the next steps to attract abundance. Christine was so very gentle with me as she took me through the magical journey of forgiveness. She empowered me to forgive the little me(s) in the past, which has been a very important part of my spiritual journey. I was able to forgive and love the little Ashmeeta, who was doing the best she could. This session with Christine healed an important part of me. If not for Christine, I would still be feeling guilty and angry about my past and still sabotaging my own best efforts to create more abundance and joy in my life. Since our session, I’ve been able to move forward with ease and self-love!! Christine and her work are pure and magical and I can’t recommend her enough!

- Ashmeeta Mehendiratta, Soulful Marketing Coach

I didn’t really know what to expect from the Akashic Records session with Christine, to be honest. I was struggling with allowing fear to block the things that I truly want in life, I was letting and allowing other people to “run” my life instead of me running it myself. I was feeling stuck, down, heavy, upset… silenced. I felt like I wasn’t able to move forward because I was worrying too much about others and trying to make sure that their needs were taken care of.

The session helped me to see that I cannot live in everyone’s shadows for my whole life, that when I am constantly putting others before myself, I feel down, disconnected, unaligned. I had been allowing others talk me out of what I truly wanted for myself. And even though I’ve had thoughts about a lot of the stuff we talked about, I’d never understood what the "where to go from here” next step was for me.

I felt big shifts during the session, but the deep insights and healing continued for me even beyond the session itself. I had a massive insight come through: that I always felt as a kid I got “punished” for being myself. It hit me that I have always been scared to shine who I truly am because it was never “safe” to be that way when I was a kid. Allowing people to see the real me would mean essentially that they don’t want to be with me or around me or think that I am weird… but that’s exactly the person that I need to be my true self. The “homework” exercises from Christine’s session helped me to turn those thoughts around.

I just want to say thank you again so much! I found it so easy to speak to you - you are so kind, calm and welcoming. I got so much out of our session: I now feel more grounded in myself, in going for what I want. I have a stronger sense of knowing that everything will be ok and will work out. I have a feeling of understanding and expansion and feeling into the person that I want to be. I understand now how closed off I was being to possibilities; I didn’t realize how closed minded I was being before, I thought I had gone over all of the options… now I see that there are no limits, but I understand that I still need to practise stretching and expanding so I can align with all opportunities and possibilities.

Before I was in an energy of, “I am asking, why are you not appearing” - but from a very closed off, sad point of view and now I feel as though I know how to shift that into an energy that will work for me. Unexpected, exciting things keep happening since our session and I know that everything is moving in the right direction now. Thank you!

- Caitlin McEachern, IG: @caitlin.mceachern

The Akashic Records session with Christine went above and beyond what I was expecting!! I’d been struggling with feeling that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or didn’t have a lot of value to offer the world, despite years of working on these issues. Even though I knew those thoughts weren’t true, I wasn’t able to shake them, and I wanted to know where they were coming from, clear them out and finally find peace.

During the session with Christine, I received profound insights into the root causes of these beliefs and physically felt a massive shift in my energy. I’m calmer, sleeping better and feel liberated from the burden of others’ emotions I’d been carrying. I now have such a lighter bounce to my step, I’m more confident, and my soul feels expansive!

If you’re looking for answers to challenges you haven’t been able to figure out, these sessions with Christine are the godsend you’ve been waiting for!

- Chris Stoner, Life and Integrative Nutrition Coach

From the bottom of my heart the biggest thank you for the session! I have already sent on your details to a friend of mine in Melbourne and was raving to another friend this morning about you. I felt amazing after the session… It was so profound! Your intuition is incredible and I know this session will be life changing. The universe has definitely supported and guided me by sending your beautiful work to me. I look forward to working more together!

- Justine Whitfield, Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner & Holistic Healing Coach

Before my session with Christine, I was lacking self-confidence about how I help people and the value I bring to my clients. I was having difficulty promoting my business as a result. Christine quickly helped me to shift my perspective to see the bigger picture and release the fears I had around what other people think about me, which was keeping me from putting myself out there. The day after our session, I got into action and started promoting myself... and felt great about it! I wouldn't have made that leap without the insights and help she gave me. I'm so thankful and excited to keep moving forward!

– Joanne M., Reiki Practitioner, Vietnam

Before I started working with Christine, I knew I wanted to launch my own program, but I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by the process. I didn’t know how to take all of my ideas and turn them into a program that actually makes money.

After signing up to work with in Christine in her program creation intensive, I felt an incredible relief knowing that I was in the right hands when it came to creating my first high-end offering. Her program gave me everything I needed to create my own compelling offer and profitable signature program. Christine even taught me how to start making money with my program before I’d created it… and I quickly enrolled my first two premium clients!

But it really was Christine’s incredibly helpful and personalized feedback that made all the difference. Instead of being just another “participant” in a typical big group program, I got the personal attention and support I needed to be successful. And, as an unexpected outcome, Christine helped me find my true purpose and passion (what I thought I wanted turned out to not be the case). Now, I am finally aligned with my true purpose, having fun and making money doing work I absolutely love!

I am incredibly grateful for choosing to work with Christine. It was the best investment I have ever made in my life and business. It was an investment that was not only well worth it but which also literally changed everything for me.

When it comes to offering your own premium signature programs, Christine is the one and only person you want to go to help you do it!

– Karolina Castellani, CEO & Interior Designer at Karolina Castellani Interiors

There's nobody better to help you discover and capitalize on your worth than Christine. She has a way of pulling out the best in her clients and a long track record of doing it. Do yourself a favor. Stop thinking about working with her and take the opportunity to do it!

- Traci Brown, International Speaker, Body Language and Persuasion Expert

I've struggled for most of my life with low self-worth, which has taken a toll not only my relationship with money, but also my work and personal relationships. In one session, Christine helped me to see the link between all of these issues and my frustrations at work, helped me start to reevaluate the way I feel about people who are wealthier than I am and motivated me to really dive into discovering what I desire to create in my life. I'm consciously making better choices that are aligned with who I want to be. Thank you, Christine, for the insights you gave me. The session was a 10 out of 10 for me!

- Karen D.

Christine got me moving so quickly that I enrolled a client at $1000 a month within a few weeks of starting with her and another at $2500 a month the week after, both of whom re-enrolled at the end of their programs. Our work together made me understand my value in the marketplace and launched me into new territory as a business woman.

- Jan Sugar, Leadership Communications Coach and Speaker

Christine gave me the courage to take a leap and share a VIP offering with a potential client, who was thrilled to have the opportunity to work together in that way. This was my first high-end offering and I can honestly say it would not have happened if it weren’t for her.

– Lanette Pottle, Success Coach, Retreat Leader, Best-Selling Author

When I had my session with Christine, I was at a point in life where my thoughts were messy. I was not able to entirely focus on attracting what I want as several months before that I faced some of the most sorrowful tragedies of my life and being at a crossroads in my career. The “skeptic” in me had me mentally and emotionally building up an “imaginary wall” just in case the session didn’t work! However, within 5 minutes, I realized how sincere Christine was in wanting to help me “clear my baggage”. On days when I doubt myself and have negative thoughts, on days when I doubt myself and have negative thoughts, I always turn to the wisdom and follow-up steps she shared with me. I’ve been deeply affected by the work we did together and for that I’m deeply grateful.

- Sarah May Low

Although I feel like I have a game plan for my career, I've struggled with developing mutually supportive and caring romantic relationships and friendships for years. My relationships always seemed to end up being one-sided with me giving way more than the other person. These relationships left me feeling hurt, disappointed, lonely and a bit hopeless about ever being able to have true friendships with people who really care about me. When I scheduled my session with Christine, I was hoping she could give me insight into this pattern of shallow, predatory and unfulfilling relationships I was stuck in... and she definitely did that and more! Every day since our conversation I think about the insights that Christine brought to my attention. I'm now taking positive, concrete steps toward creating the kind of relationships I want to have and feeling very positive about my future!

– Rachel Pellham, International Teacher in Vietnam

Christine has so much to give to women and Mompreneurs. I have experienced first-hand how she motivates, encourages and empowers women by simply showing up and sharing – but it doesn’t stop there, trust me. She provides the guidance and motivation as a mentor that you need to achieve personal and professional goals. Her passion and love for helping people shines through everything she does. Christine is amazing!

- Mara Watts, Co-Founder of Motherhood on Purpose

I didn't have a clear plan for building my business and wanted help creating a focused plan of action. I found working with Christine super helpful! I came away with actual steps that I can take action on to grow my business. So grateful!

- Lindy Lewis, Curriculum Designer

I already had a plan for building my business, but I was having trouble sticking to it and felt overwhelmed by all the dreams and goals I wanted to pursue. I didn’t know which ones I should go after now versus put off until later. Christine helped me get much-needed clarity and forward momentum by showing me how to prioritize all of the things I need to do so I can focus on the ones that matter most. Best of all, I feel like I’ve turned my "to-do" list into an "it's done" list!

- Rachel Turner, Health Coach & Owner of Dandelion Eco Store

I was already doing "okay" in my business, but I didn't know my next steps to start bringing in income quickly. Christine helped me get clear on which income-generating activities I should be doing and which services I should be offering to grow my business. I now have my personal, step-by-step plan for reaching my business goals!

– Jen Phillips April, Write Words Marketing & Copywriting

Christine is an amazing mentor and coach who makes each participant feel special. She understands our unique challenge areas as women entrepreneurs and gives practical steps that we can easily implement. Christine’s programs are must-haves for any entrepreneur who is serious about creating and growing her business in alignment with her values.

– Vatsala Shukla , Career & Executive Presence Coach at Karmic Ally Coaching

I was really struggling with exactly what to offer because I didn't know how to get what I know out of my brain and down on paper. Christine helped me focus in and create an offer that would connect with my audience. Even though it was my first online event ever, I signed up 190+ very engaged participants and made several sales! As a total newbie, it was just unbelievable to me and I was thrilled! Christine’s guidance made all the difference. – Asuka Tsuchiya, Japanese Language Instructor