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I believe your dreams and ambitions have been given to you for a reason: They lead you to the kind of work you're meant to do and steer you toward the life you're destined to create.

But how do you follow your dreams and build a profitable business doing what you love without working around the clock, compromising precious relationships and missing out on what lights you up? 

It took a complete meltdown after launching my current business with two young kids at home for me to arrive at the answer to that question.

Being a mom is the hardest job I'll always love the most, but being "just" a mom will never be enough for me. So when I started my business, I went all in. 

I launched my brand into the world, signed up my first clients at premium rates and was off to the races.

Only the races turned into a never-ending marathon of working late into the night, more work on the weekends and mountains of stress as I tried to measure up to the impossibly high bar I’d set for myself while I also juggled the roles of mom, wife and Household CEO.

After leaving my position working with personal development guru, T. Harv Eker, to start a family, I’d focused 100% on raising my kids and had created Project Supermom. I was the carpool driver, playdate arranger, child entertainer, organic homemade goody maker, neighborhood social organizer… all while still harboring an entrepreneurial fire in my heart that wants to make a big impact in the world doing the work I love.
But when I jumped back into entrepreneurship with both feet (and hands!),  I let the pendulum swing too far the other way as the desire to express my ideas and creativity in the world pulled me forward at break-neck speed.

I felt a crushing lack of time and like I was constantly knee-deep in a swamp of overwhelm, guilt and exhaustion.

I was working really long days … waking up before the kids to sneak in a few extra minutes, rushing to cram in a much as possible while my boys were at school, and then toiling away late nights after we’d put the kids to bed. Not to mention working just about every weekend.

Somewhere along the road of trying to stay ahead of the countless tasks jotted on my ever-growing to-do list and launching a business while juggling the demands of raising a family, I’d switched to running on a mix of caffeine and adrenaline as I put my nose to the grindstone and worked hard to be a “successful” entrepreneur while still being the kind of mom and wife my family deserves.

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Then one day it all came crashing down.

Even though from the outside I appeared to have it “all” – a supportive husband, happy kids and the freedom to pursue building my own business doing work I love – I was so tired…

Tired of always hurrying…

Tired of constantly beating myself up…

And so tired of feeling like I was never doing enough… that I wasn’t enough… despite everything I was doing day in and day out to grow my new business and be there for my family. 

Sacrifice, exhaustion and guilt… they had somehow become the mascots for my entrepreneurial journey. Then one Sunday I reached my limit.

I’d maxed out on stress, overwhelm and a mixture of guilt, resentment and anger that I couldn’t seem to find that magical balance of mega-success and familial bliss featured in so many Pinterest photos. 

I had a total meltdown that led to the solution I’d been looking for.

As I slaved over the stove making pancakes and bacon, my husband sat on the couch chatting on the phone. As the minutes ticked by, my mind started chattering: “Here I am again working my butt off again! There are so many things I need to do for work… What the hell am I doing this for?” 

My internal pressure spiked and I blurted something snarky at my husband, who (uncharacteristically) responded with similar anger.

That was it! I exploded like a volcano spewing molten crazy.

My husband and I rarely fight, but this one was a fight for the record books! 

I was shocked by how much anger, resentment and frustration I felt around how hard I was working day in and day out trying to live up to an impossibly high bar I’d set for myself as a mom and an entrepreneur. I’d been stuffing down these feelings for so long that I didn’t even realize they were there, festering and eating away at me and my self-esteem.

I decided I had to stop the crazy juggling act and vicious cycle of beating myself up no matter how much I did or I would implode and my family would be collateral damage.

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Create soul-aligned success + abundance with joy, fun and ease.

After that blow-up, I started to map out a path to making my business work and work for the kind of life I wanted to have.

I pushed the reset button on how I was doing my business and life and started to reconnect with why I’d started my business in the first place – to have the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with my family, express the unique contribution I’m meant to make and feel deep in my soul that I’m spending my precious days doing work that matters.

  • I dove into doing the deep inner work that has given me ultra-sharp clarity around my soul's purpose, the work I'm meant to do and how to go about doing it.
  • I stopped trying to do everything and now focus on doing the things that make the biggest difference in my business’s bottom line.
  • I started leveraging proven systems for reaching more people and growing my businesses so I have more than enough time for the things that matter most to me.
  • And I got really clear on the value I offer and how to communicate it so I can charge - and get paid - what I’m worth.
Learn how to grow your business without sacrificing what matters most to you. http://ChristineParma.com

I also stopped measuring my success with someone else's yardstick and am instead creating success on my own terms.

  • I've structured my business to give me the kind of freedom I want in my life and the level of income I desire.
  • I do the things that truly matter most to me because my kids are growing up way too fast and life is far too short not to.
  • And I've released the crushing mountain of unrealistic expectations I’d heaped on myself so I could start showing up as my best self in my business and all of my relationships.

Now not only do I get to be mama to two boys I dearly love and happy wife to an amazing man, I'm making a big impact with the people I help and absolutely thriving doing it! 

And the best part is:

I’m actually happy with my all parts of my life and myself

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I'm doing soul-aligned work and making my contribution to the world in a way that lights me up every day.

I'm growing my business while taking time to care for myself and my relationships. 

I'm leading a life of abundance, joy, fun and freedom right now.

And so can you.

I'm on a mission to help heart-centered go-getters to stop feeling overwhelmed, burned out and frustrated and instead create lives of the soul-aligned abundance, fun, joy and freedom they're meant to have!

What’s the point in spending your days battling exhaustion, drowning in a sea of mom guilt or feeling like you’re never enough? Yuck!

It’s time to align your life and business with your values and make your contribution to the world in a way that supports the kind of life you want to have in every way (including making boatloads of money)…

Because you deserve it.

If you’re an fiercely dedicated to creating a rich, abundant, joyful life you truly love and you’re ready to…

  • Break through your fears and launch your ideas and passion into the world in a bigger way
  • Make a fantastic income doing meaningful, soul-fulfilling work (without working your fingers to the bone)
  • And make a huge difference in people’s lives and an even bigger impact in the world...

All without sacrificing what matters most to you... it would be my honor to support you in doing exactly that.
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Life is an adventure! Here's a bit more about mine.

One of the amazing Maui retreats I managed for T. Harv Eker.

One of the amazing Maui retreats I managed for T. Harv Eker.

Through a series of amazing events + a mountain of perseverance (too long to detail here), I manifested my way into working side-by-side with personal development guru, T. Harv Eker, creating, launching and managing over $3 million of live and online signature programs, including his high-end retreat program and 15,000+ person membership site. I LOVED it! I interviewed amazing luminaries like Brian Tracy and Marianne Williamson, helped change thousands of lives and found my life's purpose in the process.

Prior to finding the work that sets my heart on fire, I did the corporate 8 am-to-11 pm thing (those were my typical hours) as a Certified Financial Planner. Loved my clients... didn't love the mega-corporate life so much (to put it mildly). After many painful "hints" and a few swift kicks in the bum from the Universe, I finally quit, and in hindsight, the timing was impeccable. (It was 2006... Thanks, Universe!)

I believe travel (the fun, non-corporate-jobby kind) is one of the best ways to grow personally, expand your thinking and simply enjoy life... so I do as much of it as I can! Currently, the family and I (1 awesome hubby + 2 rambunctious boys) are kickin' it as ex-pats in Vietnam for a few years. That's been an amazing adventure all its own!

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And, how do I feel about personal growth? Can you say mega-addict?? I believe if I'm not growing, I may as well have incarnated as a slug. I'm an avid learner, serial experimenter and dedicated implementer... then I share my experiences. I cherry-pick the best strategies and insights to share with my community (so you don't have to take all the programs and hire all the coaches I do!).

You've got this one life right now. How do you choose to live it?

I wish you amazing success and happiness!

Shine Brilliantly!
Christine  xo